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    People Are Selling "Avengers: Endgame" Tickets For Almost $10,000

    After cinema websites crashed following high demand, tickets for Endgame began popping up on eBay where they were being sold for thousands of dollars.

    Surely by now you've heard all the fuss about the upcoming Avengers movie, Endgame. It's pretty hard to miss tbh.


    Endgame, which follows on from the tragedy of Infinity War, will mark the end of phase three in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so it's basically a Very Big Deal.


    Of course, people are excited about the movie. The end of Infinity War left everybody screaming when (SPOILER ALERT 🚨) Thanos snapped his fingers and turned half the world's population to ash. Since then, there have been two more Marvel movies, both of which teased Endgame in their mid-credit scenes.


    So, you can probably imagine the pandemonium when tickets went up for pre-sale. In fact, the chaos was so great that cinema websites crashed trying to contain the surge.

    Movie site Fandango also reported that Endgame broke the record for most pre-sale tickets purchased in 24 hours, pushing The Force Awakens into second on the list in under eight hours.


    But if thought the drama would stop now the pre-sale tickets have dropped...well, things have only just gotten started. Tickets started popping up on eBay and, as you can probably imagine, the prices were a little bit higher. Want to see Endgame in New Jersey? You'll need to cough up $500.


    For the pleasure of seeing it in Oklahoma City, things get a little steeper β€” two tickets will set you back $2,500.


    And if you fancy catching the latest Marvel movie in NYC, you better just remortgage your entire house. That's right, your eyes aren't lying to you β€” two tickets for a showing on April 28th, two days after the worldwide release, are being touted for more than $9,000.


    In an even wilder turn of events, somebody has apparently placed a bid on those NYC tickets for the full amount. You have eight days left if you want to place a higher bid...


    Of course, people have opinions on those prices.

    @TJOmega @kylehebert I’d rather have mark ruffallo and Tom Holland, so that I could obnoxiously shush them because of how spoiler-y they’d get XD

    $500 for ONE ticket to endgame???!

    The madness is starting to give other people some ideas.

    Ppl really buying End Game tickets for $500 on eBay?? I’m about to put mine on sale too! I can wait a week for that kind of money. Wait till the last week and sell them for a stack each πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈπŸ€‘

    Hold up.. people are selling End Game tickets on eBay for $500 might just sell mine πŸ˜‚

    I guess we won't have to wait long to see if the movie's worth all those coins.