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    Here's The Small Detail You Might've Missed About Ariana Grande's New Album

    The light really is coming.

    It feels like we've been waiting forever for a new Ariana Grande album, even though it's only been two years since Dangerous Woman.

    But the wait is almost over, as we impatiently prepare for our wigs to be snatched by Sweetener, which will be Ariana's fourth album to date.

    In the last couple of days, Ariana appeared to open a new Instagram account that revealed her latest album cover bit by bit, and finally the whole thing has been unveiled.

    Instagram: @sweetener

    Yep, it looks like the upside down feature really is here to stay, so get your necks ready for a workout kids.

    But it looks like there could be a hidden message behind it. Let's start by looking at her first album cover for Yours Truly.


    Here was the artwork for her second album, My Everything.


    And Dangerous Woman kept the black and white theme running with those iconic bunny ears.


    But what you've probably realised by now is that Sweetener breaks the black and white tradition and is basically on the other side of the spectrum because it's bright AF.


    But what does that mean?


    Well, last month, Ariana revealed on The Tonight Show that Sweetener was about "bringing light to a situation" and the album cover is just one example of that.

    You'll probably also remember that Ariana had a freakin' rainbow on the artwork for the lead single, "No Tears Left to Cry". What's more colourful than a goddamn rainbow?!


    And on top of all that, on Wednesday Ariana will release a new song called "The Light is Coming" which features Nicki Minaj.

    After everything that she's has been through in the last year โ€“ including the bombing in Manchester, which left her with increased anxiety, and breakdown of her own relationship โ€“ the theme of colour appears to be symbolic of Ariana picking herself back up and, in her own words, "bringing light to a situation".

    The light really is coming, and I'm not ready.


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