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    Ariana Grande – Queen Of Remaining Unbothered – Is Not Here For Religious Criticism About Her New Song

    "Keep it fucking cute."

    If you didn't know that Ariana Grande released the best song of 2018 – aka "God is a Woman" – then I'm gonna need you to go and rev up YouTube right this second and amend your wrongs. There's no time to waste, off you pop.


    For those of you who have heard the best song of 2018, then you might've seen that Ariana has been hit with some criticism from people who basically think the song is blasphemous, despite the fact it doesn't refer to any particular religion and the fact the complicated question of how we portray God's gender stretches back hundreds of years.

    well i just listened to the new ariana grande song #GodIsAWoman and... well... let me just say this, NEVER... EVER... mix religion with sexual innuendo lyrics, cause you're gonna end up pissing off a lot of religious people... just saying...

    Okay...I like Ariana Grande, but as a Christian I'm feeling a bit funny about the title of her brand new song. I think so many people are so caught up on this entire feminism/"empowered woman" thing that they're taking this a bit too far.

    As one of the most supportive and loyal fan bases, Ariana's fans (or the Arianators if you want to be technical) immediately leapt to her defence.

    it’s so funny that ariana grande never specified which religion/god she is metaphorically alluding to but christian twitter went out of their way to apply it to their personal beliefs and got offended

    Ariana Grande's new song, God is a Woman, is a metaphor & isn't shitting on anyone's religion or God, so y'all can calm tf down. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk. 👋

    Well, although Ariana hasn't directly responded to the criticism, her recent Twitter likes tell a story on their own. That story basically goes: "Once upon a time, Ariana Grande was unbothered. The end."

    My favorite thing about the fake outage locals have over Ariana’s “God Is A Woman” is that she’s not even talking about religion in the song she’s talking about her pussy popping severely


    And as well as liking some tweets about the controversy, she also responded to a fan about blocking out the haters and paying them no mind.

    @wegotnotears forreal. we only sharing our energy with loving beings who GET IT from now on.

    Like, Ari's really not having it.

    @osnapitshailey @wegotnotears absolutely. keep it fucking cute.

    She then liked this tweet.

    how ariana sleeps knowing that some people are PRESSED

    And then this one for good measure.

    going to sleep tonight surrounded by love only

    And retweeted this to let you know she really snapped.

    Ariana Grande-Butera-Davidson remains unbothered, and that's that on that.