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Are These 17 American Things Weird Or Not?

You might disagree with me but hey, nobody can see me through the gap on the toilet.

1. Let's start simple: The gaps between the doors in American public bathrooms. That's weird and that's not even an opinion, that's basically a fact. Why can people make eye contact while you're doing your business?

2. Why is the tax not included in the price before you pay for something? Shouldn't you know how much something's going to be so you know if you can afford it?

3. And also the fact that tax varies depending on which state you're in. Can you not just have one tax rate for the whole country?

4. Oh, and the fact that entire laws are different depending on which state you're in, that's pretty weird.

5. I think it's weird that Americans think it's weird to have a washing machine in your kitchen. Like, why can't you just wash your dirty clothes in the comfort of your own home?

6. The plugs in America don't have on and off switches, which is just wild.

Wait a minute American plug sockets don't have an on/off switch...?

7. The metric system. I don't think I need to explain how the rest of the world is on one page while you're literally in another book altogether.

Q: Why doesn't the #US use the #metric system like the rest of the world? A: Because we're right and everybody els… https://t.co/WzrLrx9UOR

8. How Americans spell. WTF is "flavor"? Just add a "u" like the rest of us.

9. The whole thing with kettles. Like, you don't have them? How do you boil water? Actually don't answer that, I don't want to know.

nothin fucked me up as much as learning Americans don't own kettles. no wonder trump won

10. Talking of kettles, how the fuck do you guys make tea because I read a comment from an American woman who said she makes tea by microwaving the water for two minutes AND THEN PUTTING THE TEA BAG IN AFTER. I also saw somebody else say they use a saucepan. You guys are honestly stressing me tf out.

11. And speaking of tea, this is not it. Tea is not cold and served by the gallon.

12. All American money looks the same. Would it honestly be difficult to just make different notes different colours or something?

13. HERE’S ANOTHER THING THAT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE. The whole month/day/year thing, what is up with that?

14. Let's talk about how Americans sign for everything when they use their bank card. Have you never heard of chip and pin? People could just sign for anything and take your money.

15. What is the American obsession with college level sports and athletics? It's like half the country goes to watch a college football game, they fill an entire stadium, and the event is broadcast on national TV. That's weird.

16. America, what exactly is up with your toilet water? It rises from the depths of hell to try and flood your bathrooms when you flush, and it isn't cute.

17. And finally, what's with the TV ads for prescription drugs? There's one on every three seconds, and they also come with weird disclaimers like "may cause hair loss, headaches, and death".