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19 Wild Places People Have Actually Had Sex In

Honestly, nowhere is off limits if you're brave enough.

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community for the wildest and most adventurous places they've ever had sex. The first round-up was wild, but here's a second because honestly, is there anywhere people won't get down?

1. "My boyfriend and I were cleaning his dad's house to be shown to a realtor. The master bath had this huge tub so we decided to give it a try. We're splashing around and having a great time when the bathroom door opens and the realtor (with clients) catches me on all fours."


"They slammed the door shut and we rushed to get dressed with what little dignity we had left. Two hours later, my boyfriend proposed and now we're married with a 4 year old and twins on the way."


2. "In my priest's office, with my mother (the parish secretary) across the hall."

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3. "My boyfriend and I left in the middle of an evening service in a Baptist church to go and have sex in the baptismal pool located in the old sanctuary. We both got a real thrill out of it."


4. "Me and the guy I was seeing at the time had what we called a 'fucket list' that covered all of our sex goals. Probably the best one was at the altar of our university's chapel."

5. "I once had sex in a moving motor home, in the double bed above the driver, who was my ex's mum. The rest of the family were somewhere also in the motor home."


6. "In a hospital room on the gurney right after she was released."


7. "Fingerbang in a jury room? This counts, no?"

8. "My ex and I had sex in the front seat of my car at a drive-in movie theatre. Twice. After, we drove home naked."

9. "I was dating a trainee nurse and went to meet her after work. She'd had a stressful day and said she needed to destress, so I suggested we go do it in her car or in the nearby woods. She couldn't wait, so we did it on the hospital roof."

10. "In a car at my family reunion. Gotta do what you gotta do."


11. "In a cave on the beach bent over some rocks. I ended up slipping and scrapping my foot on the rocks. Still Have the scar to prove it."

12. "My husband and I were on a couples golf trip. We could never find time to be alone until we played 18 the last day. We did the deed on the golf course when no one was around."

13. "I've had sex in a few interesting places, most notably In a cable car over the city of Barcelona and in the gatehouse at Trim Castle in Ireland."

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14. "A lifeguard tower at the beach."

15. "My college's basketball arena when it was closed."

16. "We snuck into my university's football stadium and did it right in the middle of the 50 yard line. My boyfriend at the time even yelled 'TOUCHDOWN' when he came."


17. "In one of those human size hamster balls on a lake in the middle of the day."

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18. "In a hockey locker room at the ice rink I skate at. Definitely one of my colder experiences."


19. "Walk-in cooler of a restaurant we both worked at. I don't recommend it. It was cold, and I ended up having a case of onions fall on me."


Note: submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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