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    Anna Kendrick Won ~Twitter Personality~ At The Teen Choice Awards, So Obviously She Dragged Ryan Reynolds Over It


    When you think of celebrities who are amazingly funny on Twitter, you probably think of two people in particular – Ryan Reynolds and Anna Kendrick.

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    You probably also think about Chrissy Teigen, but unfortunately this isn't about her.

    The pair are Twitter gold, which is why they were both nominated for ~Twitter Personality~ at the Teen Choice Awards. Of course, only one of them could take home the giant surfboard, and the winner was... ANNA KENDRICK!

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    Now I won't lie, the acceptance speech was a little awkward, mostly because the crowd wasn't that responsive. But the awkwardness was saved when Anna hilariously mentioned the fact that Ryan was nominated too.


    So did Anna gracefully thank him for being good competition? LOL no, she dragged him for filth instead.


    And it didn't end there. Anna then told Ryan to "stay in his lane" before sweetly thanking the crowd for the surfboard.


    This isn't the first time Anna's dragged Ryan. In fact, last time she teamed up with his wife, Blake Lively, to roast him on Instagram.

    Something tells me Ryan won't taking this lying down.

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    You can watch Anna's full acceptance speech here.

    🎥 | Anna Kendrick receiving the award. #TeenChoice

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