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    Anna Kendrick And Adam Rippon Trolling Themselves For Being Super Relatable Will Make You Love Them Even More

    "These are made up scenarios I tell to seem relatable."

    One of the many reasons we love Anna Kendrick is because she's relatable AF.

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    If you take away the fact she's, y'know, a rich actor and funny as hell, she's basically just like you and me.

    Serious question: how much are wedding cakes? And how weird would it be if I wanted to buy one just to eat? By myself?

    The same can be said for Adam Rippon, who was obviously the star of the winter Olympics.

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    And is now a highlight on Twitter every goddamn day.

    A little “me” time sounds nice

    So you can imagine that when the two trolled themselves and each other on the timeline recently, it was pretty hilarious.


    It all started when Adam gave us this almost relatable tweet. I say "almost" because the only reason my body is in the best shape of its life right now is because it's only going downhill from here.

    Being me is telling everyone your body is turning to mush and then giving an interview 5 minutes later saying “I’m in the best shape of my life.” Life is a rollercoaster.

    Fellow Olympic athlete Mattie Rogers found the tweet way more relatable than I did.

    shiiiiit this is so true followed by “YEAH REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO *insert any major international comp* IN A COUPLE WEEKS!! :,)”

    So when Adam then tweeted the most relatable thing of all time, it was obviously a cue for Anna Kendrick to hop into the conversation.

    @Adaripp @mattie_rogers I do not relate to this in a personal and specific way. At all.

    Which led to Adam trolling himself with some sarcasm.

    @AnnaKendrick47 @mattie_rogers Me either. These are made up scenarios I tell to seem relatable.

    And Anna following it up with the ultimate burn for herself.

    @AnnaKendrick47 @mattie_rogers Lips are sealed, baby 😘

    People really loved the hilarious exchange.

    And some went as far as to plot a whole pilot episode that I'm already adding to my Netflix list and watching religiously.

    Until then, you'll catch me stanning them both on the twitters. Bye!

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