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    19 Reasons I Love Ariana Grande And You Should Too

    A queen of our time.

    1. Let's start with the basics. Whenever Ariana opens her mouth to sing, we should all feel truly blessed because she sounds like an actual angel.


    2. She's responsible for some of the most iconic bops of our time. You just can't argue with facts.


    3. Remember when she sang "Dangerous Woman" a cappella and was nothing short of flawless? A moment.

    4. And let's not forget anytime she impersonates another singer, she always does it flawlessly and sometimes better than the actual person if that's even possible.


    5. She's honest about everything, including relationships.


    6. And behind-the-scenes stuff that we didn't know before.

    7. She also has no problem with calling an interviewer out on their bullshit.

    Power 106fm / Via

    8. But that's a different post in itself because our queen doesn't let shit slide.

    9. She's always ready to spill the tea and speak up for women.

    10. Not to mention she fully supports the LGBTQ+ community and uses her voice loud and proud.

    11. Ariana's basically a not-so-secret nerd like the rest of us.


    12. She even celebrated her 21st birthday at Disneyland like a true princess.

    #Happy21stBirthdayAriana only ariana

    13. Her Instagram is a gift because not only do we get to see her goddamn beautiful face all the time...

    14. ...But we also get to see her do cute shit like sing Spice Girls in the bathroom.

    15. She had the most iconic death scene on Scream Queens.


    16. Let's be honest, Scream Queens was full of iconic moments.


    17. Basically every time she speaks about her "Nonna" you have no choice but to fall more in love with her.

    NBC / Via

    18. Like when she took her Nonna to an awards ceremony and had this cute moment when she won.


    19. And of course, we can't do an appreciation post of Ariana Grande and not remember when she put together a benefit concert in a matter of weeks for the victims of the Manchester terror attack that happened at the end of one of her shows.

    Ariana Grande, we love you. 💖


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