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    Amy Schumer Just Told Ellen A Bunch Of Sex Confessions While Her Mum Was In The Audience

    "Can I take the stuff about the butt and everything back?"

    You probably already know that Amy Schumer is about as candid as they come, which is probably why so many people love her.

    But when she made an appearance on The Ellen Show recently, she was shockingly shy and conservative.

    LOL JK, in a game of Burning Questions Amy made a heap of sex confessions instead. First up was the wildest place she's ever had sex. And the answer was...

    Judging by these reactions, it's clear nobody was expecting that answer.

    Moving on, the next question was "my spouse gives the best..." Hmm, it's impossible to tell where this is going.

    But here's the kicker – Amy's MOTHER was in the audience. This was her reaction to finding out that her son-in-law gives great head.

    Obviously that wasn't going to deter Amy though. She then went on to reveal her favourite body part on her husband. I wonder what that could be...

    And then Amy rounded off the confessions by telling everybody what her own favourite body part was.

    Never change, Amy. You can watch the confessions here:

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