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Here Are All The Celebs Who Went To The Super Bowl And Their Behind-The-Scenes Instagram Pics

From David Beckham being starstruck over Paul Rudd to Cardi B living her best life, the celebs were out in force for Super Bowl LIV.

Jay-Z and Blue Ivy had a little father-daughter bonding time on the pitch.

Medianews Group / Getty Images

Beyoncé was, of course, also there.

Jeff Bezos let out his inner fangirl when he met Lizzo.

Paul Rudd was clearly having a "look at us" moment.

Jamie Squire / Getty Images

And he caught up with his Avengers costar Jeremy Renner before the game too.

Talking of Paul Rudd, David Beckham was more than a little starstruck when he saw the actor and resorted to taking sneak pics of him, which for some reason is absolutely hilarious to me.

Instagram: @davidbeckham

They met properly later and had a cute lil' pic.

Demi Lovato celebrated smashing her performance of "The Star-Spangled Banner" with some Super Bowl LIV cookies.

Cardi B was also there alongside Offset and Meek Mill. She was clearly having a great time singing along to Jennifer Lopez's iconic bops, which is a big mood.

And Vanessa Hudgens, who was also there, snapped Cardi living her best life and filming JLO's halftime performance.

Instagram: @vanessahudgens

She also got carried by Shaquille O'Neal because why not?

Diplo was there!

He hung out with Scooter Braun and Jeffree Star.

Alex Rodriguez was being a supportive king and looked to be having a fantastic time in the middle of the crowd while Jennifer Lopez killed it on stage.

Ciara and Russell Wilson honoured Kobe Bryant by wearing LA Lakers jerseys with the basketballer's numbers on them.

Kevin Hart was pictured doing press before entering the stadium.

Michael Reaves / Getty Images

Meek Mill was galivanting around on the pitch.

And, when the galivanting was done, he and DJ Khaled went off to a casino, where Khaled looked to win big.

DJ Khaled was, of course, having a great time before that though.

A really great time apparently.

Karlie Kloss living her best life while a lot of chaos goes on behind her.

Emily Ratajkowski and her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard were also in attendance.

Rob Carr / Getty Images

As was Jon Hamm, who was keeping things low-key.

jon hamm 🙌🙌 in the Hat from when the blues went to the 1967

Paul McCartney was also pictured, appearing to be getting very vocal about something or other.

My actual favorite part of the Super Bowl is whenever they show Paul McCartney at the Super Bowl

Lady Gaga was spotted leaving the venue when the game was over. That pink pony? You love to see it.

Eva Marie Uzcategui / Getty Images

And finally, Floyd Mayweather looked like he fell on a shelf at Louis Vuitton and said, "I'll take it." Good for him!

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