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    • benf9

      The Palestinians can live in peace any time they like. They just have to eschew violence. As long as the world keeps rewarding them for acting out they will continue to support terrorism. It is as simple as that. The western left legitimized the use of terrorism as a political weapon by pretending the Palestinians had some claim that justified it. We have reaped the whirlwind ever since. Obama is just the latest idiot to pay tribute to their intransigence. But better he is over there screwing things up than over here driving us into bankruptcy.

    • benf9

      Yes, it has come to this folks. There actually ARE people so intolerant that they think they have the right to tell you what you can drink or eat. And yes, the left (including Nanny Bloomberg) has descended so deeply into authoritarian madness that they are sending around people with measuring cups to make sure you do not imbibe more than the government prescribed amount… all while we are $16 trillion dollars in debt and in the midst of the longest period of stagnation in our country’s history.  Oh, you can order a huge steak or a latte’ with several times the calories of a coke but those are things the elite like. Screw what you poor bastards like. Don’t you know that your masters know what is best for you? It really is beyond parody.

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