13 Things You’re Bound To Encounter At The Dog Park

Dogs and owners alike, you’re going to experience these things at your local dog park. Enter the Beneful Dream Dog Park Contest and your idea could help inspire a $500K Dream Dog Park renovation in your area!

1. The Uber-Jazzed

This dog is beyond thrilled and can’t even believe that this is happening to him right now. Look how jazzed he is to spend time with his owner! So much room for activities!

2. The Uber-Jazzed (Human Version)

This individual is just as excited as their dog. They count the minutes until they can strap on that leash and head to the park. They bring all the essentials - Frisbee, ball, ball launcher…you name it, they brought it.

3. The Showstopper

Roman Soto / Via Flickr: ninjanoodles

This is the dog that walks in, and everyone - dogs and owners included - stops to take notice. Every dog wants to play with it, and every owner squeals, “Oooooohhh what breed is she?!”

4. The Regular

This guy is here almost every afternoon. He knows every dog and dog owner in town. And why shouldn’t he? Dog parks are the best possible place for dogs and people to hang out and get to know each other.

5. The Scent Fiend

Back in the Pack dog portraits / Via Getty Images

This dog is absolutely determined to make every single blade of grass smell like he does. Or at least it seems that way.

6. The Best Buddies

shibasisters / Via instagram.com

These two can’t leave each other alone. They’ll race each other around the perimeter of the park until their paws are numb. Then they’ll go home to their true best friend - owner friend.

7. The 2:00 Rush

Wonderlane / Via Flickr: wonderlane

On a nice day, everyone wants to be at the dog park. And why wouldn’t you? Dog and owner bonding all around.

8. The Treasure Hunter

Ken Mayer / Via Flickr: ken_mayer

There’s always one dog who somehow manages to find tennis balls and bones that were thought to be long gone. If it was once a dog toy, he’ll find it. It could be from the ’80s, he doesn’t care. Gifties for his owner!

9. The Gossip

Urban Outbacker / Via Flickr: urbanoutbacker

Taking a break from play, this guy will stop for a drink and hang around to gossip, watercooler-style. Did you see Riley’s collar? What was she thinking??

10. The Hoarder

Don DeBold / Via Flickr: ddebold

Give this gal a toy and she’ll protect it as if it were her own pup. There, there, squishy ball. You’re safe with me.

11. The Mud Zone

Brent Moore / Via Flickr: brent_nashville

Around midday, things can get a little muddy around the water station. But, no matter. The pups are having fun and staying hydrated. Win win.

12. The Overambitious

When the little guy is running with the big dogs, he can get a little big for his britches. It’s easy to forget you’re a little wiener dog when you’re running around with big ol’ Beethovens.

13. The Cool Kids

photosfromagentlesoul / Via instagram.com

There’s always a pack of dogs that looks like it’s having the most fun. The best part is - no one discriminates! You wanna run with the cool kids? Go for it. They’ll be glad to have you.

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