12 Truly Amazing Animal Accomplishments

They’re going to take over someday, we just know it. Check out more amazing animals in Beneful’s new Dog Goldberg video.

1. Learning how to play Santana’s entire repertoire:

2. Mastering the moonwalk:

3. Making it to work on time during rush hour:

4. Discovering the secrets of military strategy:

5. Being an adorable catalyst in a Rube Goldberg machine:

6. Cooking up breakfast for everyone at the farm:

7. Dunking like an amazing aquatic Air Bud:

8. Getting a steady job as a personal trainer:

9. Understanding the fine art of therapeutic massage:

10. Bending it like Beckham:

11. Hula hooping like a true champ:

12. Winning that difficult court case:

Bloomberg / Via twitpic.com

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