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12 Reasons Your Dog Is Your Soulmate

Face it: Your dog is the love of your life. See the Finalist of the 2013 Beneful Dream Dog Park Contest and vote for your favorite video to help inspire the next Beneful Dream Dog Park Renovation.

1. They're thrilled to grow old with you.

2. If you get them a bad gift, they'll grin and bear it.

3. They want nothing more than to help you. Through any struggle. Including yoga tutorials.

4. They'll follow you to the ends of the earth.

5. They're superior Skype buddies.

6. When you unload an embarrassing story on them, they don't just sympathize. They empathize.

7. They're cuddle experts. Well versed in the art of cuddling.

8. Oh, and when it comes to cuddling, they're pretty easy to convince.

9. They love selfies as much as you do.

10. They always want to know what's going on with YOU.

11. They know they're 200 pounds. They don't care. They need hugs.

12. Because can you even imagine not waking up next to this beautiful face every morning?