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17 Mistakes That Every Single Makeup-Wearing Person On This Earth Has Made

(...and 17 mistakes you've definitely snapped and sent to your mates.)

1. Purchasing the wrong colour foundation for your skin tone.

When your foundation (bottom half) is totally the wrong colour for your tanned face... Gah!

@cukaykie / Twitter / Via Twitter: @cupkaykie

"Was I colour-blind the day that I picked this out...?"

2. Applying your makeup in bad lighting.

3. Getting lipstick on your teeth and not realising until you take a picture.

When you're feeling cute and then see the swath of destruction on your teeth #lipstickteeth #hawt #ottawa

@sandrakiss1053 / Twitter / Via Twitter: @SandraKiss1053

And starting to question whether you have terrible friends because NOT ONE of them warned you.

4. Getting a bit too trigger-happy while tweezing.

5. Leaving your fake tan on for just a touch too long.

6. Somehow getting your mascara all over your face and very little on your actual eyelashes.

7. Ending up with clumpy spider lashes even though you've done this like a thousand times.

8. Accepting that your eyeshadow is doing its own thing...

9. ...and that sometimes your eyeliner is not going to match up either.

10. Applying just a little bit too much highlighter.

11. Realising that your fake eyelash is trying to make a leap for freedom.

My fake eyelash is falling off in public. I look insane

@babyxbritain / Twitter

12. Deciding your look could do with a bit more shine and then going overboard with the glitter...

13. Skipping the blending step in your contour regime.

14. Putting on your foundation in a rush without all the necessary skin prep beforehand.

i put on foundation and my skin is dry and flaky

@ssentience / Twitter / Via Twitter: @ssentience

15. Thinking foundation lips was a seriously good look.

16. Forgetting to take your makeup off and waking up knowing that you've not just wronged your skin but also your pillow.

17. And, finally, one of the biggest mistakes of all...forgetting how sticky lipgloss really is.

worst thing about lipgloss is that when it's windy you've all of a sudden got half a head of hair stuck to your mouth

@mfoers / Twitter / Via Twitter: @mfoers

Trying to remain calm on a windy day is almost impossible.

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