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If You Get 80/104 On This Quiz You Are The Ultimate Beauty Obsessive

(And how many of them do you wish you could conceal?)

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  1. Tweezed your eyebrows
    Threaded your eyebrows
    Waxed your eyebrows
    Tattooed your eyebrows
    Bleached your eyebrows
    Microbladed your eyebrows
    Had a facial
    Had a laser facial
    Had a manicure
    Had a pedicure
    Used bronzer
    Tried nail art
    Done an at-home face mask
    Bought makeup that a blogger recommended
    Used an eyebrow stamp
    Dyed your hair at home
    Had a hairdresser dye your hair
    Had a full head of highlights
    Had half a head of highlights
    Had a T-section of highlights
    Had dip dye
    Had balayage
    Bleached your hair an unusual colour
    Used a fake tan product
    Had a spray tan
    Bought and used your own gel nails kit
    Had a practise run of your makeup look before going out
    Backcombed your hair
    Used a serum
    Had a sheep placenta facial
    Wore extensions
    Wore a fake fringe
    Used straighteners
    Used curlers
    Gone outside in your curlers
    Cut your own hair
    Had a blow dry
    Had a professional hairdresser do your hair before a night out
    Mixed two foundations to make your perfect shade
    Had a makeover by a MUA
    Slept with your hands in moisturising gloves
    Used highlighter
    Overlined your lips with lipliner
    Used fake eyelashes
    Made your own face mask with ingredients from your fridge
    Had lash extensions
    Used a contour kit
    Contoured your body
    Put used teabags under your eyes
    Taped your face to prevent wrinkles
    Contoured your ears
    Rubbed banana skin on your teeth
    Had a vampire facial
    Instagrammed your beauty lewk
    Had a massage
    Had a fish pedicure
    Used facial oils
    Used anti-aging cream
    Used an eye cream
    Tied your hair in tissue paper for makeshift curls
    Covered your eyes with cucumber slices
    Put lemon juice in your hair for "natural" highlights
    Carried around hand cream everywhere you went
    Used haemorrhoid cream as wrinkle prevention
    Took supplements for your skin
    Used a mayonnaise mask on your hair
    Used a beauty blender
    Used a clay mask
    Used a blackhead remover peel
    Drawn on a beauty spot
    Spent an afternoon watching beauty blogger videos
    Had a venik massage
    Created a dedicated beauty area in your room
    Set up lighting to ensure your makeup application was perfect
    Subscribed to a beauty blogger on YouTube
    Subscribed to 5+ beauty bloggers on YouTube
    Subscribed to 10+ beauty bloggers on YouTube
    Collected your tears to use as a hydrating mist
    Taken a day off work to complete a complex and time sensitive beauty regime
    Taken a facial exercise class
    Invested in an at-home spa
    Taken a beauty-related course
    Had freckles tattooed onto your face
    Used the jamsu method to set your makeup
    Curled your eyelashes
    Wore colour-changing lipstick
    Rinsed your hair with beer
    Massaged olive oil on your lips
    Had a Thai massage
    Used charcoal toothpaste
    Used baby powder on your eyelashes
    Slept with your feet in moisturising socks
    Used a salt scrub
    Submerged yourself in coconut butter to achieve baby soft skin
    Enlisted a helper to apply your fake tan
    Made friends with your beauty therapist
    Devised a number of beauty looks for every occasion
    Mastered the dewy skin look
    Created a "natural" makeup look with less than three products
    Used colour correcting makeup
    Perfected a cut crease eyeshadow look
    Created your own multiple-step skincare regime
    Had a snail facial
    Had cupping therapy

If You Get 80/104 On This Quiz You Are The Ultimate Beauty Obsessive

You couldn't be less obsessed if you tried. You're not swayed by the latest trends and instead have devised the perfect look that you know works for you every time.
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So you're not a complete novice, but when it comes to something new, you're likely to err on the side of caution. (That, or new products end up staying in the packaging.) You have a few staple looks that never fail, so why change them?
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You're verging on obsessed, but perhaps there are a few constraints on your time. Or maybe you're just a very good judge of what's worth trying and what isn't! Still, that's not to say you've much free space left on your dresser...
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You're crazy about all things beauty-related! You follow MUAs on social media, you're the guinea pig for the latest beauty trends, and you're always the one your friends come to when they need some advice on what mascara to buy. Luckily, you get a lot of gratitude too!

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Wow, you are the ultimate beauty obsessive! If you're not a beauty therapist, you should be! You're the go-to for all of your friends when it comes to advice, and rightly so! We might actually be contacting you for some advice ourselves...
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