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18 Foods In Germany That'll Confuse Americans

Would you like some tongue sausage?

Guten tag! My name's Ben, and I spent time living in Berlin, Germany. What is so fascinating about Germany is just how different some of their dishes are, compared to what I am used to. Here are just a few examples:

1. White asparagus (Spargel)

2. Pork knuckle (Schweinshaxe)

3. Quark

4. Pickled eggs (Soleier)

5. Elderberry soup (Fliederbeersuppe)

6. Super Dickmann's

7. Blood sausage (Blutwurst)

8. Liver sausage spread (Leberwurst)

9. Curry spice ketchup (Currygewürzketchup)

10. Paprika flavor

11. Unique chocolate flavors

12. Raw minced pork sandwich (Mettbrötchen)

13. Party hedgehog (Mettigel)

Mettigel is basically a form of raw minced meat, but without the bun like you had with a mettbrötchen. Instead, it's shaped in the form of a hedgehog, and usually served at buffets.

14. Herring salad (Heringssalat)

15. Sausage salad (Wurstsalat)

16. White sausage with sweet mustard (Weißwurstfrühstück)

17. Rows and rows of Haribo

There are a gajillion flavors of Haribo in every German supermarket (read: black licorice, marshmallow, cotton candy, and more!). Some supermarkets have an entire ~aisle~ dedicated to Haribo gummies.

18. Tongue sausage (Zungenwurst)

And there you have it! Have you ever tried any of these German specialties? If not, which one looked the most delicious? Share your thoughts in the comments below!