From Aubrey Plaza To Morgan Freeman, These Actors Have All Spoken About Typecasting And Playing The Same Role Over And Over

    "Still, after my first job I was on a stupid 'sexy hunky hot list,' and then people didn't take me seriously."

    Many actors, particularly early in their careers, are wary of taking similar roles to avoid being pigeonholed to a specific type of character.

    While it's a blessing to get regular roles, some actors have talked about typecasting in Hollywood – the effect it has on their careers and how to escape it. Here are 18 actors who've spoken about typecasting and how to overcome it:

    1. Aubrey Plaza

    2. Jennifer Aniston

    3. David Schwimmer

    4. Morgan Freeman

    5. Lauren Graham

    6. Hugh Grant

    7. Hilary Duff

    8. Zoe Saldaña

    9. Alexander Skarsgård

    10. Charlize Theron

    11. Zoë Kravitz

    12. Patrick Stewart

    13. Regina King

    14. Rupert Everett

    15. Helena Bonham Carter

    16. Jason Statham

    17. Natalie Portman

    18. Jacob Elordi

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