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    Don't Ask Me Why, But People Keep Sharing Probably The Stupidest Things They've Ever Done, And I'm Having A Guilty Giggle

    "I snuck out of my room, put my head in the bucket, and took a long inhale of the chlorine pills – I then promptly passed out."

    We've all been there when we've done something and immediately regretted it. As a kid, this was a weekly occurrence (still is, tbh), but there's nothing that can make you feel less silly like other people's stories of when common sense abandoned them too.

    In a recent post, we all had a non-judgemental giggle at people's moment of stupidity, so it's about time we had another dose of schadenfreude:

    1. "I wanted to make a rope by tying long-sleeved shirts together, tying that to the railing of the stairs, and climbing down."

    2. "I had recently been lectured on how cartoons weren’t real, so had no fear of jumping on a rake I found leaning against a wall."

    3. "I thought my mom was related to the witch from Hansel and Gretel. So when I found this pink and yellow fluffy stuff coming out of the walls, I thought it was cotton candy and ate a whole lot of it."

    4. "When I was five I thought it was a good idea to cut out my loose tooth with scissors."

    5. "When I was about 15, I thought it would sensible to try to move a foldable table with a large cargo box on top of it."

    6. "When I was little, my neighbour had small cacti planted in their front yard."

    7. "Last summer I decided to chop up some ice in a plastic zip lock bag with a brand new bread knife, with my fingers partially under the bag."

    8. "When I was 12, I decided to see if my tongue would stick to the metal part of our freezer shelf (huge fan of A Christmas Story)."

    9. "Once my mum was making dinner and started doing the washing up when it was in the oven."

    10. "I chew Nicorette gum. One time while going to the bathroom I spat it out in toilet paper and proceeded to wipe myself with said toilet paper."

    11. "We had an old crank-handled pencil sharpener in the garage. I'd never seen one work and wanted to know what would happen if I put my finger in the hole instead of a pencil."

    12. "I've always loved swimming and, as a kid, I loved the smell of chlorine."

    13. "I used a pocket knife as a screwdriver."

    14. "I wanted to surprise my folks by setting up the Christmas lights while they were at church."

    15. "I was washing my food processor blade and I dropped it."

    16. "I recently lost my diamond out of my ring."

    17. "I cut the end of my finger off with a skill saw."

    18. "I sat down on my bed naked after throwing my still very hot hair waver onto it."

    19. "My cousin and I came across a Victorian mangle on an iron stand at the back of the overgrown garden of my mum's new home. We didn't know what it was, so we messed with it."

    20. "I set my daycare on fire."

    21. "My parents did their yearly freezer cleanout when I was around 12. I was old enough to stay home alone..."

    22. "I burned off all of my fingerprints."

    Can you relate to any of these lapses in common sense? Let us know in the comments below.