People Keep Sharing Their Moments Where Common Sense Left Them, And I'm Having A Quiet Chuckle To Myself

    "Anyway, that’s how I set the microwave on fire."

    We all make silly mistakes where we (or our partners/friends/parents/selves) think "what on earth has made you do that?"

    At the end of the day, and with some time having passed, we should all be able to have a bit of a laugh at the times we've made a fool of ourselves. So here's 21 peoples silliest mistakes:

    Note: This post contains injury detail. 

    1. "My freshmen year of high school, my friend and I were in a cardio class, next to each other on treadmills."

    2. "One time I got a nosebleed while on the toilet, fainted upon seeing the blood (not squeamishness, just reflexes) and fell off the toilet."

    3. "In primary school, I was trying to impress my friends, so I told them I could put a coin in my mouth and make it disappear without swallowing."

    4. "I was trying to impress a boy I liked and I was on my bike and cycling past his house."

    5. "When I was far too old to be doing this, I stood in front of a mirror with my eyes closed so I could see what I looked like when I was sleeping."

    6. "A few months ago I set up my humidifier in my room and I guess I thought the air would be so fresh to inhale right from the spout thing."

    7. "When I was about six, my dad gave me some change for my piggy bank and I decided I wanted to incorporate it into my circus act. I was really into the circus for some reason."

    8. "One time I went to set a plastic container on the stove, and thought 'I wonder if the burner is still hot'>"

    9. "Growing up, my sisters and I lived in the mountains where it snows a lot."

    10. "It was after a fairly heavy night of drinking, and I impressively made it to my morning university lecture."

    11. "During my mid-twenties I had a sinus infection. I sat down on the toilet at an angle (I was sick and dizzy so I don't remember the logic behind it)."

    Zach Braff as JD from "Scubs" with his trousers down passed out next to the toilet

    12. "When I was younger, my mother had surgery which resulted in her having to use crutches. One day, I got bored and attempted to use the crutches from my bedroom to the kitchen downstairs."

    13. "As a kid, my partner got appendicitis and was in the hospital for two weeks."

    14. "I tried to dry just laundered (but still damp) socks in the microwave while showering for work."

    15. "Some kid in our old neighbourhood decided to put tire shine over the whole tire, including the tread."

    16. "When I was about five or six, I was using a sparkler with my dad. When it was done he told me to be careful and not touch it because it was still hot.

    17. "As a child, I was in my parent's room and I saw my mum's little wicker chair at her vanity table (it was the '90s)."

    18. "My mom was taking my senior pictures at my grandparents’ house. They have a really fun old fence that we thought would look nice in the photos, so I decided to sit on it."

    19. "I was on a second date with my now-husband and we went to his place. He lived in an old house with windows that you had to unlatch at the top."

    20. "When I was about five or six I wanted my mom to help me heat up some garlic knots."

    21. "I was walking around my house barefoot on a hot day while getting ready for a job interview."

    Note: Some submissions were edited for length and/or clarity.

    What's the silliest thing you can remember doing?