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    From Accidentally Flashing Their Work Colleagues, To Tasing Themselves, Here's 50 "No Common Sense" Moments People Have Owned Up To This Year

    "So of course, I stuck my finger into it."

    I'll be the first to admit to making some very stupid mistakes this year. But one thing that's made me feel less foolish is people sharing their own stories of silliness because, you know, sharing is caring.

    So, loads of people have recounted the times their common sense abandoned them – here's a look back on some of the silliest stories people have told me this year.

    1. "My freshmen year of high school, my friend and I were in a cardio class, next to each other on treadmills."

    2. "I was trying to impress a boy I liked and I was on my bike and cycling past his house."

    3. "It was after a fairly heavy night of drinking, and I impressively made it to my morning university lecture."

    4. "As a kid, my partner got appendicitis and was in the hospital for two weeks."

    5. "I tried to dry just laundered (but still damp) socks in the microwave while showering for work."

    6. "I was having my morning coffee on a Zoom meeting in bed, when I accidentally put the webcam on – I was not looking work-appropriate."

    7. "I was doing an art class in high school and one of the inks in the spray bottles wasn't spraying..."

    8. "When I was a young teenager I took inspiration from those 'pranks' on TV shows."

    9. "I’ve accidentally used a taser on myself multiple times."

    10. "When I was about six years old, I was deep cleaning my sister and I’s bedroom in order to surprise my mom."

    11. "When I was about 10 I decided to do my eyebrows, but I didn’t realise that you normally wax or pluck them."

    12. "Despite the hob being equipped with a red light to tell you when it’s still hot, my dad decided to use his hand to check."

    13. "My sister and I enjoyed going to sleep at night with an audiobook and candlelight."

    14. "When I was in grade school we learned about vitamins and minerals, and how they were good for you."

    15. "We used to have an air freshener that puffed out the spray when you pressed the button."

    16. "I knocked a cactus off the side and was super pleased I managed to catch it in my hands until I realised I'd just caught a cactus.

    17. "I was eight and swimming with my sisters and neighbours at their pool. I thought it would be fun to put the arm floaties on my ankles and jump in."

    18. "When my brother in law was a child, he decided to stick tweezers into a wall socket."

    Christopher Lloyd as "Doc" in "Back to the Future" holding two electrical wires

    19. "I remember in high school chemistry a guy stuck a copper wire into the 220 outlet. I had never seen a person fly across a room before but he sure did. Luckily he was okay but it was pretty scary at the time."

    20. "I once cracked an egg directly into the trash can and then threw the empty shell into my mixing bowl."

    21. "I recently lost my diamond out of my ring."

    22. "When I was young I had those stick-on glow-in-the-dark stars all over my room. I also had a lighter for my many many candles."

    23. "When I was six we moved into a new house. I previously lived in an apartment with no stairs to a basement."

    24. "As a teen, my friend had a dildo and brought it to school to show us."

    25. "When I was 12, I decided to see if my tongue would stick to the metal part of our freezer shelf (huge fan of A Christmas Story)."

    26. "I was living in this crappy apartment while in college. Only two burners worked on the stove."

    27. "Once I guess I forgot that I had literally just removed my contact lens and I thought it was stuck somewhere behind my eye."

    28. "I sat down on my bed naked after throwing my still very hot hair waver onto it."

    29. "When I was around 11, I discovered the cigarette lighter in my dad’s car. It lit up bright red and was so pretty!"

    30. "I was in the kitchenette in my old office building, when a bird flew into one of the huge plate glass windows."

    31. "I wanted to make a rope by tying long-sleeved shirts together, tying that to the railing of the stairs, and climbing down."

    32. "I had recently been lectured on how cartoons weren’t real, so had no fear of jumping on a rake I found leaning against a wall."

    33. "I thought my mom was related to the witch from Hansel and Gretel. So when I found this pink and yellow fluffy stuff coming out of the walls, I thought it was cotton candy and ate a whole lot of it."

    34. "When I was little, my neighbour had small cacti planted in their front yard."

    35. "I chew Nicorette gum. One time while going to the bathroom I spat it out in toilet paper and proceeded to wipe myself with said toilet paper."

    36. "I went to pick up a full pint glass of juice with the hand that I was already carrying my cellphone in, and needless to say, I dropped the phone fully in the glass."

    37. "We had an old crank-handled pencil sharpener in the garage. I'd never seen one work and wanted to know what would happen if I put my finger in the hole instead of a pencil."

    38. "I've always loved swimming and, as a kid, I loved the smell of chlorine."

    39. "I wanted to surprise my folks by setting up the Christmas lights while they were at church."

    40. "My mom was taking my senior pictures at my grandparents’ house. They have a really fun old fence that we thought would look nice in the photos, so I decided to sit on it."

    41. "I set my daycare on fire."

    42. "When I was young, my dad asked me to pick up something for him in town shortly after I got my driving license. I hopped into his car which was in the garage, but the battery was flat."

    43. "I called my cell phone (instead of calling my husband) from my desk phone and then I answered my cell phone not recognising the number on my caller ID."

    44. "My grandfather once decided he needed a circular table saw as it would make his project go a lot quicker."

    45. "I was playing with an air-soft pellet while laying on the floor sideways watching unsolved mysteries."

    46. "My childhood neighbour is the poster boy for why lawn darts got banned."

    47. "I decided I would try to ride my push bike with no hands (for the first time) while going down a hill on a trick bike."

    48. "I made homemade chicken stock and forgot to put a pot under a colander in the sink. After simmering chicken, carrot, onion, celery, bay leaf, and peppercorn for hours, I dumped it right down the drain."

    49. "I used to lay on my back reading, holding the book up."

    50. "It was my first day at my first real job and I was obviously a bit nervous."

    What's the silliest thing you've ever done? Let us know in the comments below!