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    People Are Reliving The Times That They Ignored All Logic Or Sense, And It's Really Making Me Feel Better About Myself

    "Luckily the surgeon was able to reattach his two fingers."

    In a recent post, we all had a good chuckle at people owning up to their stupidest moments. And, because sharing is caring, people decided to confess their own senseless stories in comments.

    Here are 19 of the best (and worryingly relatable) responses!

    1. "I am writing this with three broken fingers because something got caught in the rotating bit of my cordless vacuum while I was using it and I tried to get it out... without turning it off."

    2. "When I was young, my dad asked me to pick up something for him in town shortly after I got my driving license. I hopped into his car which was in the garage, but the battery was flat."

    3. "My grandfather once decided he needed a circular table saw as it would make his project go a lot quicker."

    4. "I was playing with an air-soft pellet while laying on the floor sideways watching unsolved mysteries."

    5. "When I was six, I was slumming it on the top bunk one morning when my favourite stuffie tumbled off the side and fell to the floor."

    6. "My friend and I were running through a bunch of black curtains on a stage."

    7. "My childhood neighbour is the poster boy for why lawn darts got banned."

    8. "When I was like 10 I thought it would be a genius idea to stick my finger in a snow cone machine to get an ice cube out as it was slowing down."

    9. "My dad and uncle worked in construction. One day my mum had to drop off something at the site and took us with her. I (aged eight) was wandering around the house that was under construction."

    10. "As a kid, I was waiting for my mum in the car and I was playing with a big ball of Blu-Tack."

    11. "I once cracked an egg directly into the trash can and then threw the empty shell into my mixing bowl."

    12. "I decided I would try to ride my push bike with no hands (for the first time) while going down a hill on a trick bike."

    13. "When I was eight I thought it would be a good idea to climb the refrigerator."

    14. "I made homemade chicken stock and forgot to put a pot under a colander in the sink. After simmering chicken, carrot, onion, celery, bay leaf, and peppercorn for hours, I dumped it right down the drain."

    15. "When I was eight, I wanted to see the spray come out of a can of air freshener. It burned like hell in my left eye."

    16. "When I was a chef I dropped a wrapped block of butter into a huge cauldron of boiling water."

    17. "My friend was teaching me how to shoot a rubber band with one hand (I still can't do it) and I put my hand in front of my face and shot myself directly in the eye at close range."

    18. "I called my cell phone (instead of calling my husband) from my desk phone and then I answered my cell phone not recognising the number on my caller ID."

    19. "When I was 18, I found an empty glass bottle with the cap completely stuck on it."

    20. "God, I was an idiot child, I stuck my finger in a light socket and thought 'ooh these metal things move' and pushed – of course, I was instantly shocked."

    What's the silliest thing you've ever done? Let us know in the comments below!