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    I Don't Understand Why, But People Keep Sharing The Silliest Things They've Ever Done, And I'm Having A Bit Of A Guilty Giggle

    "In my haste to try and turn my camera off, I spilt boiling hot coffee down my lap. It's safe to say everyone at work has now seen my ass and heard me swear to high heaven."

    We all make some silly mistakes now and then, and common sense can abandon us whether we're young or old.

    But it's sometimes good to share our moments of silliness, so here's 23 times people made very silly mistakes, to make us all feel slightly better about ourselves.

    1. "The first time I was made a smoothie was when I was 17."

    2. "When I first got my cat, he seemed like he really wanted to go on the balcony."

    3. "I was having my morning coffee on a Zoom meeting in bed, when I accidentally put the webcam on – I was not looking work-appropriate."

    4. "I was doing an art class in high school and one of the inks in the spray bottles wasn't spraying..."

    5. "I was about seven or eight and my lamp had been on all night. I switched it off and decided to touch the bulb to see if it was hot."

    6. "My friend was applying false lashes and accidentally grabbed a bottle of false nail glue instead of eyelash glue (they looked very similar)."

    7. "I’ve accidentally used a taser on myself multiple times."

    8. "I (recently) put tin foil in the microwave."

    9. "My friend dropped her curling iron onto my carpeted bedroom floor and I grabbed it up out of reflex."

    10. "When I was about six years old, I was deep cleaning my sister and I’s bedroom in order to surprise my mom."

    11. "When I was about 10 I decided to do my eyebrows, but I didn’t realise that you normally wax or pluck them."

    12. "As a kid, I had a glow-in-the-dark book. I put it in the lamp covering so it would catch the light and glow."

    13. "This past spring, the whole exhaust system fell off my car while I was driving, so I pulled over to the shoulder of the road and got out to take a look."

    14. "Despite the hob being equipped with a red light to tell you when it’s still hot, my dad decided to use his hand to check."

    15. "My mum warned me not to pet this new to-be-rehabilitated rescue dog yet, and I immediately petted said dog."

    16. "When I was pretty young, I was playing with a friend when I saw a board with a nail sticking up out of it."

    17. "Around the age of nine, I was changing the lightbulb in a lamp when I noticed that the part the bulb screws into was springy."

    18. "My sister and I enjoyed going to sleep at night with an audiobook and candlelight."

    19. "When I was in grade school we learned about vitamins and minerals, and how they were good for you."

    20. "We had an ancient electric batter blender, the kind you hold with one hand, except ours was so old the electric cord of the base didn't stay in unless you held it."

    21. "We used to have an air freshener that puffed out the spray when you pressed the button."

    Editors note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity. 

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    What's the silliest thing you've ever done? Let us know in the comments below!