"It Looks Pathetic When I Hear Some 55-Year-Old Actor Won't Play Opposite A 42-Year-Old Woman Because She Is Too Old For Him" – 15 Actors And What They've Said About Hollywood's Inequalities

    "When men – producers – say, 'You're old' to me that is the most laughable f**king ridiculous thing a moron could ever say."

    Ageism and gender pay gaps are issues that permeate most industries, affecting working people all over the world. While actors are highly paid, there still lies a distinct difference in how Hollywood sees and treats actors who aren't men.

    Here are 15 actors who've spoken up about ageism and the gender pay gap in Hollywood:

    1. Michelle Yeoh

    2. Emma Stone

    3. Maggie Gyllenhaal

    4. Helen Mirren

    5. Jennifer Lawrence

    6. Jamie Lee Curtis

    7. Jennifer Aniston

    8. Michelle Williams

    9. Cameron Diaz

    10. Doris Roberts

    11. Julianna Margulies

    12. Natalie Portman

    13. Zoë Saldana

    14. Patricia Arquette

    15. Jessica Lange