These 23 Facts Are So Jarring That I Almost Wish I Could Forget Them

    Ducklings turning into cannibals = me never looking at them the same again.

    1. Most days you'll produce two to four PINTS of saliva.

    2. We humans shed our skin, and quickly too!

    3. Speaking of skin particles flying around us, in underground subway stations we're inhaling a hell of a lot of them...

    4. One millilitre of coastal water from the ocean can contain up to 10 million viruses.

    Homer Simpson sipping water from the ocean in a rubber dingy

    5. If you need more convincing, the ocean is also essentially full of black holes.

    6. Stroking a parrot's back can turn it on.

    David Bailie as Cotton and Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean

    7. While stroked parrots get horny, bored ducklings can become cannibals.

    8. And our brains could eat themselves when we're too hungry or too tired.

    9. Our livers shrink and grow significantly every day.

    10. Peanut butter and other packaged foods can have rodent hair, feces, and insect "fragments" in.

    11. There may be beaver secretion in your cosmetics or food products.

    Beavers sitting on a log

    12. According to researchers, "Medical errors" are the third-highest cause of death in the US.

    13. Sticking with medicine: Human remains were once used in remedies.

    14. Armadillos can carry leprosy.

    15. Microplastics have been found in the placentas of unborn babies.

    16. On that note, we're actually more microbe than "human" as it is.

    17. Brain surgery is sometimes performed while the patient is awake.

    Donald Faison as Turk in Scrubs looking confused in the operating theatre

    18. Up until the mid-'80s, babies were operated on without anaesthesia.

    Dill Pickles from The Rugrats

    19. There's a parasite that brainwashes rodents into being eaten.

    20. Some crocodiles can gallop.

    21. Dogs love squeaky toys because they sound like wounded animals.

    Spike from "Tom and Jerry" chasing Tom

    22. In 1980, CNN prerecorded a video to broadcast when it came to the end of the world.

    23. We throw away 900 million tonnes of food every year.