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    "They Are Stealing The Identity Of A Family To Make A Profit" – These Movies Did Not Go Down Well Whatsoever With Families, Communities, And Even Entire Countries

    “He got angry, entered into a private enclosure, caused public disorder and was detained.”

    From angering the family after a biopic to offending a religious community, there can be any number of reasons for a movie to receive a backlash. The results can include country-wide bans, boycotts, and lawsuits.

    Here are 14 movies that received a hefty backlash:

    1. The Interview

    2. The Temptation of Christ

    3. A Clockwork Orange

    4. The Life of Brian

    5. Borat

    6. Blonde

    7. House of Gucci

    8. Green Book

    9. The Exorcist

    10. The Da Vinci Code

    11. Mulan

    12. A Dog's Purpose

    13. Quantum of Solace

    14. Nina

    What other films received a big backlash? Let us know in the comments below!