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    The "Cocaine Bear" Trailer Is Out, And It's Everything You And The Internet Hoped It Would Be

    "Apex predator, high on cocaine, out of its mind"

    So, the official poster for an upcoming film called Cocaine Bear was released a few weeks ago, and when I saw it I didn't know whether to laugh or just shake my head. I was, however, intrigued.

    Well, the trailer for Cocaine Bear – Elizabeth Banks's new action comedy – has just come out, and it's most certainly won me over!

    Them: Cinema is dying Cocaine Bear:

    Twitter: @rob_sheridan

    The film stars the late Ray Liotta (his final role) and includes Kristofer Hivju, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Ice Cube, Matthew Rhys, and Margo Martindale.

    Surprisingly, Cocaine Bear is based on true events. You heard that right, it's based on a black bear that devoured waaay too much cocaine.

    In 1985, drug smugglers dropped $20 million worth of cocaine packages in Georgia's Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest.

    Investigators discovered a torn duffel bag in the forest, and estimated that the bear had consumed "several million dollars worth of cocaine."

    From the moment the trailer dropped, the memes have been coming thick and fast.

    if the bear in cocaine bear could talk:

    Twitter: @HailEternal

    Despite it being about a rampaging coke-fueled apex predator, people think this is exactly what we/cinema need right now!

    Disney: "Let's send these hit movies to streaming but release the one that looks like Disney Channel circa 2004." Netflix: "Let's pull this hit movie from theaters after 1 week and leave like 100 mil on the table." Universal: "COCAINE BEAR! COMING THIS FEB ONLY IN THEATERS!"

    Twitter: @davidkittredge

    Studios: we need legacy sequels and returning franchises Universal: yes but also dancing murder dolls and cocaine bears and whatever Jordan Peele wants to do

    Twitter: @BrianLynch

    It's safe to say we can bearly contain our excitement.

    Me when the Cocaine Bear takes the cocaine in Cocaine Bear

    Twitter: @JackMovies17

    “And the Oscar goes to … Cocaine Bear.”

    Twitter: @mikeryan

    As the movie is ONLY in theatres, going to see Cocaine Bear will be a classy venture for sure.

    ‘Five tickets to Cocaine Bear, please’

    Twitter: @amandayoungdyke

    Me waiting in my luxury reclining theater seat for “Cocaine Bear”

    Twitter: @SavinTheBees

    With Twitter congested with chatter about cocaine-addicted bears, thankfully it's reminding those bears to seek help:

    lol if you click on the trending topic of Cocaine Bear you get this helpful message! I truly hope all of the coke addicted bears of the world can read/use Twitter so they see this and get the help they need!!

    Twitter: @maureenmce

    Cocaine Bear enters cinemas on February 24th 2023, will you be queuing up to see it?

    Thumbnail credits: NBC, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences