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    11 Times That Fans Got So Involved In A TV Show, They Were Able To Make Some Actual Change

    Fans saved Lucifer from cancellation not once, but twice! Oh, and got them to show his ass too while they were at it!

    It's safe to say that fans can get pretty passionate about their favourite shows. Whether it's the changing of a theme song, or the show actually getting cancelled – fans often have a LOT to say about the fate of their beloved shows.

    So, here are 11 times that fans actually had an impact on their favourite show!

    1. Lucifer

    Not sure if you’ve crashed Twitter yet but you’ve definitely crashed my phone! It literally can’t keep up...You guys are Rampant! And I love it 😍 #SaveLucifer #PickLuciferUp ✊😈

    Twitter: @tomellis17

    The fans succeeded!

    2. Scrubs

    Fans also got the original theme song back!

    Here is the version they revolted against:

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    3. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

    James, with the help of the fans, had other ideas!

    4. Brooklyn Nine-Nine


    Twitter: @Lin_Manuel

    Oh NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! 😩😭😫😢 I'm SO not ready to say #ByeBye99. Be forewarned @FOXTV-when networks dump shows I love, I'm known for holding grudges a long, L-O-N-G time. I'm still mad @CBS didn't renew #SquarePegs! 😡 #EverythingILikeGetsCancelled

    Twitter: @MarkHamill

    And it worked!

    5. Game of Thrones

    Gendry been rowing since season 3, he gonna roll up on shore next week like.... #GameOfThrones

    Twitter: @DomZenga

    The writers weren't blind to the jokes!

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    Well, the GOT writers decided to add a little line when he reappeared, to acknowledge the jokes that the fans had been making. 

    When we see him for the first time since his rowing departure, Davos says to him: "thought you might still be rowing.", as a nod to the various memes about Gendry's proficiency as a rower. 

    6. The Expanse

    And then some fans in the industry got involved!

    7. Outlander

    The fans joined forces with Diana!

    8. Jericho

    Here's the scene that inspired the protest.

    View this video on YouTube

    The nuts worked!

    9. Veronica Mars

    Here's the scene with the kick-starter in!

    View this video on YouTube

    10. Friday Night Lights

    11. Defiance

    What cancelled shows do you wish got saved? Let us know in the comments below!