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    I Seem To Have Blocked Half Of These Ridiculous British News Stories From 2022 Out Of My Memory, And Reading Them Again Is Making Me Cry

    "Still can’t get over newly appointed Education Minister Andrea Jenkyns giving the finger to protestors as she walked into Downing Street on Thursday."

    The UK this year has felt like a conveyer belt of WTF news stories. We've had three Prime Ministers, four Chancellors (within four months), and two monarchs in one ridiculous year.

    So, let's remind ourselves of some of the chaos that we've witnessed in the UK this year.

    1. Let's begin with the new Education Minister giving the finger to protestors...

    Still can’t get over newly appointed Education Minister Andrea Jenkyns giving the finger to protestors as she walked into Downing Street on Thursday.

    Twitter: @bianca_nobilo

    2. Then there was this unbelievably brazen speech by Rishi Sunak in Tunbridge Wells.

    This should be the end of his leadership campaign. I can’t believe he said it out loud in the age of smartphones

    Twitter: @BeardedGenius

    3. And who can forget this frankly ridiculous interview Suella Braverman gave?

    Twitter: @g_gosden

    4. We recently had Jeremy Clarkson's vile rant about Megan Markle that made its way into the tabloids.

    I am absolutely horrified by this comment about Meghan Markle by Jeremy Clarkson. The hatred. The obsession. The mention of her naked. This proves everything M&H are saying. Absolutely jaw-dropping, terrifying misogyny & abuse here from Clarkson.

    Twitter: @DrJessTaylor

    5. Somehow we had a survival battle between a sitting Prime Minister and an iceberg lettuce. (Spoiler: the lettuce won).

    Unbelievable, the Daily Star have a live feed, seeing whether Truss will outlive a lettuce.

    Twitter: @JaimieAlexKay

    6. We then had over-seer of a failed Covid response that lead to thousands of deaths, Matt Hancock, going on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

    "Matt Hancock isn't a 'celebrity', he's the former health secretary who oversaw the UK having one of the highest death tolls in the world... whilst breaking his own lockdown rules" Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice group react to I'm a Celeb decision

    Twitter: @BBCPolitics

    7. Then of course there was This Morning going full dystopia.

    'This Morning' in the UK offering a competition prize of paying for energy bills. If that wasn't dystopian enough, the music in the background is...

    Twitter: @RobOHanrahan

    8. While this video didn't occur in 2022, it did resurface during our current Prime Minister's campaign.

    Rishi Sunak: “I have friends who are aristocrats. I have friends who are upper class. I have friends who are working-class... well, not working-class..." Man of the people.

    Twitter: @jamesmelville

    9. We had Justice Secretary Dominic Raab accused of throwing tomatoes at his staff.

    Raab accused of hurling Pret salad tomatoes around as he blew up at Ministry of Justice staff

    Twitter: @LBC

    10. Then of course there was Suella Braverman's short journey to a migrant camp, arriving on a £3,500-an-hour military helicopter.

    Suella Braverman arrived at Manston migrant camp today by Chinook after visiting Dover.

    Twitter: @DavidTWilcock

    11. We had Jeremy Corbyn killing Margaret Thatcher on a version of the old video game Doom and, honestly, who can blame him?

    Jeremy Corbyn is caught playing a version of the game 'Doom' which lets you kill Margaret Thatcher (2022)

    Twitter: @PoliticsMoments

    12. A peek into our bizarre future showed a robot shutting down whilst being questioned in the House of Lords.

    Robot falls asleep while being quizzed by Lords

    Twitter: @BBCNews

    13. Back to ridiculous interviews, here's Nadine Dorries'.

    Twitter: @PoliticsMoments

    14. We also had Jacob Rees-Mogg claiming a doomed Boris Johnson would stay in office for over 21 years.

    Jacob Rees-Mogg brazenly claims Boris Johnson will stay in office as Prime Minister for more than 21 years

    Twitter: @MirrorPolitics

    15. We recently had this anti-strike, rat-obsessed tirade about the striking Royal Mail workers.

    Mike slams striking postmen after packages were left exposed to rats at a Bristol depot: "What if your child opens a present and there is a rat staring back at you?" @iromg

    Twitter: @TalkTV

    16. Not only did Matt Hancock go on a reality TV show, but he also wrote an unnecessary and self-indulgent book about being in charge of the pandemic response.

    I really cannot stress enough how bizarre, insulting and immature Matt Hancock's "Pandemic Diaries" really are. They are written as though a teenager was set a school project to write "A day in the life of the health secretary" and got carried away

    Twitter: @RMCunliffe

    17. Back to Mogg – the MP who, in November, called abortion a "cult of death," publically stating his opposition to it in ANY case. Oh, and BTW, he's in the past admitted that his investment firm profited from pills used in abortions.

    This man is obnoxious. Jacob Rees-Mogg who recently shouted his stance against abortion in cases resulting from rape. (We all saw how those laws turned out in Ireland pre 2018) has admitted that his investment firm profits from pills used in abortions.

    Twitter: @OxfordDiplomat

    18. We had MP Vicky Ford talking nonsense and then being outed instantly.

    Ha. @vickyford instantly debunked in her nonsense. 🤣 @MattChorley @mrjamesob @Haggis_UK

    Twitter: @PatrickSmyth

    19. Ah yes, then there was Centre Parcs saying they would kick out all their guests during the Queen's funeral, out of respect.

    Out of respect for her majesty please fuck off

    Twitter: @JimMFelton

    20. How about someone holding up a blank piece of paper and being told they would be arrested if they were going to write "Not My King" on it?

    Twitter: @paulpowlesland

    21. Finally, we had a member of parliament resign for watching porn in the House of Commons. Twice.

    Porn-watching MP Neil Parish formally resigns

    Twitter: @BBCNews

    This is obviously not an exhaustive list, so, what are the stories you've found most bizarre/dystopian/outrageous from the UK this year? Let us know in the comments below!