People Are Sharing The True Crime Podcasts That Got Them Hooked, And I Really Need To Free Up Some Listening Time

    "I'm 112 episodes in and I adore it!"

    True crime podcasts have multiplied like rabbits over the past few years, and a lot of them out there are truly addictive.

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community which true crime podcasts they enjoy, and as usual, they didn't disappoint! Here are 28 of the most popular submissions.

    1. RedHanded

    A woman on the phone in a publicity still for RedHanded, which won the gold at the British Podcast Awards in 2021

    2. The Murdaugh Murders

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    "It's made by the investigative journalists who are currently investigating the Murdaugh family in South Carolina. It’s way wilder than you could imagine, and the twists don’t stop coming in real time. Highly recommend!"


    3. My Favorite Murder

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    "I'm about 112 episodes in and I adore it! Georgia and Karen are so entertaining and relatable, and they honour the victims while telling the story of their murders. Plus, they endlessly mock the weird things murderers all seem to do, so it's true crime with great comedy."


    4. The Teacher's Pet

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    "It's the incredible story of a mom from NSW who went missing in the '80s. Her husband and his twin were both former rugby players, and the husband does some suspicious things after her disappearance. The fact that there's even present-day movement in the case really makes me pay attention so closely — it's such an important listen!"


    5. Cold

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    "This is an amazing true crime podcast, and the first season is centred on a very intense and twisty story. The narrator does a wonderful job of keeping it factual but also engrossing."


    "The whole thing is wild enough to make your heart break, but the backstory is even more outrageous. It’s full of cringe, shock, mystery, and heartache as you learn what happened to Susan Powell and her two young sons."


    6. Casefile

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    "Casefile is fantastic; every story is gripping. The Golden State Killer episode specifically... Omg, the man's voice is beautiful but absolutely terrifying. I didn't sleep for weeks after listening to it. Then, roughly a couple of years later, the story appeared in the news!"


    7. Criminal

    8. Small Town Murder

    9. In the Dark

    "Season 1 is the absolute pinnacle of true crime podcasts. The first half dissects the crime at hand, and the second half utterly destroys the idea that our current police system does anything to solve serious crimes. Season 2 is more investigative journalism, and it doesn't disappoint."


    10. Sweet Bobby

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    "I’m not sure if it counts as true crime, as it's mostly about catfishing, but it was one of the most gripping stories I have ever heard. I finished the entire series in one sitting."

    Jamy F

    11. Your Own Backyard

    "The podcast host discusses a missing person case from 2002; you know who did it, but due to missteps by investigators, lost evidence, etc, no arrests have ever been made. He also interviews people the police never did, and his podcast is actually referenced in court documents!"


    12. Radio Rental

    Radio Rental returns 6-18-20 😷 📼

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    "It's not ALL true crime, as there are some paranormal stories in there too, but they're scary stories told by the people who lived through them. There are some narrow misses with serial killers, too, that literally made my hair stand on end!"


    13. West Cork

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    "There's a reason this series is continually referred to as one of the best of all time. The Netflix and Sky shows might've brought Sophie's case to an international audience, but West Cork was uncovering the mystery long before anyone else."


    14. Last Podcast on the Left

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    "They cover more than just true crime — they go into the occult, cryptids, UFOs, and cults. Their Jonestown series is one of their best!"


    15. Court Junkie

    "An amazing breakdown of criminal trials! The host, Jillian, does a great job giving background information, prosecutor arguments, defence arguments, and testimony."


    16. Morning Cup of Murder

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    "The episodes are usually 7 to 14 minutes long, and there's a new one every day. Even though they're short, the host packs them full of information to keep you on the edge of your seat. Absolutely my favourite thing to binge while working!"


    17. True Crime Garage

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    "Nic and the Captain are entertaining, and they really care about the victims. I appreciate that they don't use someone else's tragedy for cheap laughs, but at the same time, it's not super heavy."


    18. Bad People

    "I love it! It's a bit different in that it doesn't focus on the crime itself but on the mind of the perpetrator, while also challenging a lot of our perceptions about crime in society."


    19. Morbid

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    "It's my absolutely favourite! The hosts, Alaina and Ash, are hysterical, but they also do a great job of honouring the victims. Listening to their podcast feels like you’re hanging out and shooting the shit with your own friends."


    20. Morally Indefensible

    "It's such a wild story from start to finish! The series looks at the crime, the books about it, law enforcement's mishandling of it, the way a journalist befriended a murderer, and like 7,000 other things that should never have happened."


    21. Crimes of the Centuries

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    "It's about crimes from years gone by that people have generally forgotten about. Each episode gives an in-depth account of the crime and the criminal proceedings, and I often find myself reading up on some of the subjects after I've finished listening. Very, very interesting!"


    22. Bad Women: Ripper Retold

    "It focuses on Jack the Ripper's crimes and the misinformation and misogyny we’ve all absorbed instead of trying to figure out who the murderer is."


    23. And That's Why We Drink

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    "I'm actually kinda shocked this hasn't already been mentioned! Every episode, they give you a new paranormal story and a new true crime story, and they're hilarious. I've listened to it several times through!"


    24. Undisclosed

    "Each season takes a deep dive into what's almost definitely a historical wrongful conviction. It looks at the actual facts and then what happened in court. So many people take police statements as absolute truth, so this podcast is an important reminder that cops and DAs *do* mess up sometimes, and can ruin someone's life with no repercussions."


    25. Serial — Season 1

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    "This was the true crime podcast that got me hooked on true crime podcasts. The story is intriguing, and you'll go back and forth each episode on whether the main subject is guilty/should have been convicted."


    26. Devils in the Dark

    "They only do really gory cases, but they're British and chat about it as if they're hanging out in a bar, which makes it easy to listen to. I think they've just finished their first season, and I can't wait for the next!"


    27. Root of Evil

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    "It tells the story of the Black Dahlia murder from the perspective of the suspected murderer's family. The hosts are convinced he's guilty, and the story is absolutely wild!"


    28. Murder in America

    "It's excellent! The hosts, Courtney and Colin Browen, take deep dives into each podcast with detailed research. It’s also not super annoying like some other true crime podcasts. The hosts aren't trying to be funny, and it’s a refreshing change of pace for a podcast."


    Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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