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    People Are Sharing Their Nightmare Neighbour Stories, And I'm Ready To Go To The Supreme Court For Them

    "'Your cat did it I couldn't stop her.' My cat is 14 and has no teeth."

    You can't choose who lives next to you, and despite calls to "love thy neighbour", sometimes, it really isn't that easy.

    Here are 22 stories of neighbours who are a total pain in the arse!

    H/T to r/mildlyinfuriating for a lot of these submissions.

    1. This person's neighbour's car created a blinding light.

    2. This poor person's neighbour won't stop spying on them.

    3. Whoever has to contend with this selfish neighbour has my sympathy.

    4. This person is actively being poisoned by their neighbour.

    5. This person's neighbour brought a dog to a cat-only party.

    6. This person is constantly being interrupted in their TV time by their idiot neighbour.

    7. I'm sorry to whoever has to deal with these lazy so-and-sos.

    8. This person's neighbour is a thief AND a liar!

    9. I can't believe a person actually got sent this by someone they live near.

    10. I mean, imagine a neighbour continually pissing on your house!

    11. This person's neighbour is being a total ball-ache.

    12. This neighbour's behaviour is annoying and just plain confusing.

    13. I guess this is what happens when your neighbour doesn't pay their workers.

    14. I don't even know what to say about this extremely rogue neighbour behaviour.

    15. This person's neighbour went to extreme lengths to get rid of their cat 😥.

    16. This person now has to deal with the real life consequences of their neighbour's ineptitude.

    17. This person's neighbour is extremely vigilant about holiday seasons.

    18. What to say about this overly excessive neighbour.

    19. This person's neighbour is obviously desperate for attention.

    20. This person's cat keeps getting fed by their neighbours.

    21. Having to contend with a freeloading landlord is one thing, but when they become your greedy neighbour, that's quite another!

    22. Finally, I'm kind of in love with this polite request from a reasonable and incredibly formal neighbour.

    Do you have any nightmare neighbour stories? Let us know in the comments below!