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    "Excuse Me, I Watered Your Food A Bit, I Fell Off My Bike" – And 20 Other Delivery Mishaps That I'm Struggling Not To Chuckle At

    "They substituted the out-of-stock ice cream on my grocery order for a bag of king prawns. Can’t wait to enjoy them with a nice hot mince pie."

    To be clear, delivery workers are undoubtedly overworked and underpaid, and they've been even more essential during the pandemic!

    But whether it's a thieving neighbour, a terrible "hiding place", or a frankly ridiculous food substitution, we've all had some delivery nightmares in the past. In fact, there are some couriers that people seem to dread before they've even done anything:

    When you find out Evri are the courier responsible for the delivery of your parcel x

    Twitter: @absolutegazelle

    So, here are 21 people delivery experiences that didn't exactly go to plan.

    1. This is one brazen food deliverer.

    2. How about this suspicious arrival.

    3. When your instructions are totally ignored...

    4. An empty promise.

    5. This homeowner's front door was saved by the camera.

    6. An incredibly prompt parcel thief.

    7. When bags aren't included.

    8. When the shop has a bit of a mix-up.

    Massive round of applause to Tesco, who substituted the out-of-stock ice cream on my grocery order for a bag of king prawns. Can’t wait to enjoy them with a nice hot mince pie.

    Twitter: @SpillerOfTea

    9. Make it make sense.

    Hermes left my parcel in my greenhouse, mf I dnt have a greenhouse???????

    Twitter: @ZainAli_97

    10. This is not the interaction you or they want.

    The Amazon man has just walked into the garage while I was in there cycling on my exercise bike, in my pants, with a pint in my hand. He looked shocked, put the parcel on my car roof and left in a hurry.

    Twitter: @fesshole

    11. This masterfully disguised package.

    A few years ago, when I lived in a flat, a delivery person left my parcel "in a safe place". I don't know if you can spot the package in this photo because they did such a great job of making sure no one would steal it.

    Twitter: @SusanCalman

    12. A brutally honest food deliverer.

    Not the text I wanted to get from my food delivery guy tonight.

    Twitter: @stoolpresidente

    13. How about this opportunistic neighbour!

    14. I mean, it does save some packaging.

    im crying they put my order and my dads order in the same package

    Twitter: @rramshackled

    15. I'm not sure these two are interchangeable, TBH.

    16. Always carry the bottom.

    17. It technically counts?

    18. When your hiding place is trash.

    19. These series of puzzles to track your order.

    20. When the police catch a door dasher and then deliver you the food.

    21. There are multiple people at fault here.

    Is this your foot? If so, I think you have my parcel. #Evri

    Twitter: @missdianemorgan

    H/T: r/mildlyinfuriating

    What's your worst delivery story? Let us know in the comments!