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From Joey In "Friends" To Pam In "The Office" – 17 Times Something Happened To An Actor That Had To Be Written Into The Script

Phoebe carrying Frank and Alice's triplets was written-in because Lisa herself was pregnant.

From injuries to pregnancies, writers and showrunners have to handle various physical changes of their stars.

So, here are 17 examples of the writers and producers just rolling with it:

1. Mean Girls

Here's one of his most iconic scenes:

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2. Friends

Here's the footage of the accident, with the cast reacting to it.

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So Joey's sling was very real in "The One With The Jam"

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Even though they had to postpone the completion of "The One Where No One's Ready", they wrote Joey's injury into the script for subsequent episodes, with Chandler overhearing Joey falling off his bed because he was bouncing on it, classic! 

3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Here's Amy and Jake's baby journey:

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4. The Empire Strikes Back

Here's the Wampa attack:

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5. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Here's the scene where they gave Indi his scar:

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6. The Office

7. Friends

Here's Lisa and Pheobe being pregnant on the show:

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8. The Fugitive

You can see his limp in this chase scene:

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9. The Vampire Diaries

Here's the moment she finds out in the show:

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10. Romeo + Juliet

11. Fuller House

Here's Jodie's Instagram following her injury:

12. A League of Their Own

13. Babylon 5

14. Hawaii Five-0

15. The Sting

16. Sports Night

Here's a video of Isaac Jaffe's return:

The stroke he suffered during Sports Night was written into the show. This was his return. RIP Robert Guillaume

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17. Here's Lucy

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Know any other times an actor's individual situation has had an impact on a movie or show? Let us know in the comments below!