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      my response to every point… half of these were ignorant and half were relatively correct. but overall, pretty offensive.  1. false
      2. SO true, my mom said those things were of horrible quality. i would def get persian leftovers but not ALL the time
      3. i dunno what kind of BMW my mom has but she has one and thats persian enough
      4. so wrong, no one in my family is medically or mathematically gifted…and maz has just a regular sense of humor, he just tapped into the persian market sooner than i did
      5. complete opposite, my daddy has always told me to take my time
      6. yea my mom was mortified when she found my hookup list lol (yea u made it HOORAH)
      7. ew my uncle has no white arm hair and has a less obnoxious rolex lol
      8. my dad hates cologne and is allergic to it (he gets headaches from it, as do i)
      9. eh a lot of them but they mostly dye it brown just cause its more realistic
      10. nah, im not nouveau riche stupid ignorant iranian
      11. nope im a bit ashamed cause theyre usually horrible actors
      12. we dont stack them, we lay them out neatly and elegantly in the appropriate areas (they hide them in me and taras rooms cause its quite tacky to put them all over the house…talk about westernized parents)
      13. ew i dont have a fucking bidet
      14. that is called doogh and i do not drink it (although it is apparently quite refreshing)
      15. no im more of a coffee gal although it does taste quite nice. but no im no iranian pilgrim who drinks tea 945349534 times a day
      16. ew rose water? really? can you get more desperate than that? i wouldnt even bathe my child in that bottled shit
      17. LITERALLY SO DELICIOUS persian ice cream is the titties
      18. ummm do you think im ignorant enough to think cotton candy and gauze tape resemble eachother? fuck off
      19. im not in my big fat greek wedding thinking to put windex on everything…fucking RUDE
      20. i actually laughed when i realized what ‘dirt on my head was referring to’…means ‘khak bar saret’ which basically means fuck you in a more organic way
      21. yea we like to smooch
      22. eh sort of, but we dont eat almonds we eat slimy delicious sugary treats
      23. only men and women above the age of 45 do that because their botox doesnt allow them to create any facial expressions, so they nod. or if theyre above the age of 75 theyre definitely too old, deaf, and apathetic to understand what youre saying
      24. literally so true…my dad is the only exception he escapes as soon as he can. too many iranian MILFS hover around him
      25. nah my parents are like PEACE NIGGGAAAAA, but their friends help them at their dinner parties lol
      26. my aunt pretends to go to the bathroom and secretly pays the bill cause otherwise it turns into a disgusting verbal argument, cannot even begin to explain…
      27. I NEVER WENT TO A PARKING LOT we always go to proper beautiful backyards to jump over fire to celebrate the new year! weird i know but whatever nigga we get drunk and jump over fire, can you say anyone else does that? DIDNT THINK SO
      28. my mom isnt retarded. only stupid uneducated women (which makes up 75% of the iranian female population) say it like that because they live in LA and are too stupid to get it right

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