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    13 Reasons Dogecoin Is Going To The Moon!

    What do you get when you combine the technology of Bitcoin with the love of doge? Millions of dollars and thousands of smiling shibes!

    1. It's easy to become a dogeillionaire

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    By the time most of us heard about Bitcoin, it was already worth hundreds of dollars and rising. There's nothing wrong with buying a piece of a Bitcoin, but it's not very exciting to own .00235 of something. Each Dogecoin costs a fraction of a cent, so you can become a wealthy shibe for only a few dollars. Make it rain!

    2. There's already a NASA mission patch

    3. You can dig for DOGE on your home computer

    reddit user ottothepup / Via

    Digital currencies like Bitcoin and Dogecoin are created by running computer software that solves complicated math problems. Because of the way Bitcoin was designed, right now it takes expensive specialized equipment to have a chance of getting any. Dogecoin uses a different type of math problem, so you can mine them on your home computer or laptop! You wont mine as many doge with an old laptop as a fancy gaming computer, but who cares? DOGE is DOGE.

    4. Dogecoin has gone from an idea to a $5,000,000 currency in two weeks

    reddit user Wormy22 / Via

    5. DOGE is the currency of the internet


    Sure, you can buy a car with $$$$, but why would you when you can buy poems, bedtime stories, and skateboard kick-flips with Dogecoins? Oh, and actually you can buy a car with Dogecoins; reddit user prezdizzle beat out several other bidders to snag rich848's 1994 Honda Civic for 1,516,234.2 DOGE (about $650 at current prices).

    6. 5,000 DOGE will get you a bacon jalapeno pizza from Domino's


    Many Dogecoin. Such pizza. Wow.

    7. Dogecoin has the best propaganda

    reddit user abel1337 / Via

    8. Redditors are creating a dogecoin charity to benefit dog shelters


    DOGES for Dogs is exploring multiple ways of helping generous shibes donate DOGE to help animal shelters. One approach would be to reward people who volunteer at animal shelters or donate supplies with DOGE; another would be to enable everyone who mines Dogecoins to automatically donate a portion of their coins to animal shelters.

    9. You can gamble DOGE. You shouldn't, but you can.

    10. Doges are cuter than dead presidents

    reddit user Belarr / Via

    11. Dogecoins are made of love

    reddit user jskrap / Via

    12. 2014 is the year of Dogecoin!

    Reddit user Zepherith / Via

    13. It's so easy, any doge can do it!

    reddit user axeldee / Via

    Get started and join the Dogecoin community!

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