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    13 Reasons Dogecoin Is Going To The Moon!

    What do you get when you combine the technology of Bitcoin with the love of doge? Millions of dollars and thousands of smiling shibes!

    1. It's easy to become a dogeillionaire

    2. There's already a NASA mission patch

    3. You can dig for DOGE on your home computer

    4. Dogecoin has gone from an idea to a $5,000,000 currency in two weeks

    5. DOGE is the currency of the internet

    6. 5,000 DOGE will get you a bacon jalapeno pizza from Domino's

    7. Dogecoin has the best propaganda

    8. Redditors are creating a dogecoin charity to benefit dog shelters

    9. You can gamble DOGE. You shouldn't, but you can.

    10. Doges are cuter than dead presidents

    11. Dogecoins are made of love

    12. 2014 is the year of Dogecoin!

    13. It's so easy, any doge can do it!