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  • Epic AE Alien Invasion Music Video With Mecha Bug Robots

    A utopian world where mindless humans operate like machinery is unexpectedly greeted by an armada of alien spacecraft. They begin to wipe out the entire population of the planet with callous precision stopping at nothing. After exterminating the vast majority of all living beings on the surface they begin to drill into the earth to extract it’s core, harvesting it’s energy The planet however, is like no other, as the centre contains an intricate network of machinery and robotics. When attacked, it initialises its defences and constructs a massive insect robot army to ascend and annihilate. A battle ensues between the two behemoths leaving nothing but destruction in their path.

  • Colossal Animation That Has Taken 8 MONTHS

    Track — Mishkin — “A Good Day To Die” Album — Row away from the rocks Director, Editor & VFX — Ben Daure Illustrator & Collaborative Director — Tom Box Production Company — Grape Productions Mishkin Ben Davy | Vocals, Synth & Programming Jimmy MacGregor | Guitar Ali Epstein | Guitar & Vocals Dave ‘Longman’ Jackson | Bass Bradie Nixon | Drums A Butter God is commanding the grim reaper (Craig) to carry out his sick and twisted deeds because of a rough history between Butter God and Mr Toast. Grim unwillingly carries out his orders until eventually he snaps and decided to rid the city of the filthy cretins that dwell within it This video was created by just 2 people, Ben Daure & Tom Box within After Effects and Photoshop over 8 solid months

  • Open Party “Exit_Plan” Music Video HD

    A Music Video Created for the band “Open Party” Created and directed by Ben Daure Illustrations by Tom Box Music - Open Party “Exit_Plan” The video is about a colony of resisters living under the power of the evil computer chips. Life is depressing, repetitive and meaningless. After, a lone resister discovers the horrifying secret of their existence which triggers a violent revolution. This video was originally going to be very minimalist, however I kept thinking that it wasn’t epic enough after each shot so I expanded again and again until eventually it became ridiculously complex to make. I made the whole animation inside of after effects, I also made the Giant stage and the light show inside of after effects too. It took 2 months to create the video from the first idea to the finished thing, but it was brilliant fun to make . Finally: I would like to thank the Band Open Party for being so understanding and easy to work with, Tom Box for dropping everything and creating an obscene amount of Illustrations in a short space of time and Reece Jones for the Photography See more at Copyright Grape Productions / Open Party UK 2010

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