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Americans Get Drunk For The First Time

"This is the mistake train."

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We here at BuzzFeed Motion Pictures decided to give a few brave individuals the chance to get drunk for the first time, and things got a little weird.

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Julian was clearly a happy drunk, and was feelin' himself...

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Julian: "Looking back on on the footage made me laugh my ass off. Instead of watching my friends get drunk and delirious, I got to watch myself. I loved how Maggie went through an emotional roller coaster. Though some parts were embarrassing, I'm happy to know I'm a funny drunk. Definitely, a night to (sort of) remember!"

...and Jade was just feeling all kinds of things.

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Jade: "I laughed through this entire video. At some points I wanted to be embarrassed because I was doing and saying so many strange things. But I feel like this is a real portrayal of novice drinking in a controlled environment, and it was interesting to compare everyone's experiences. I am really glad I did this because I was so, so afraid of drinking and losing control, and I think I needed to understand that I can have the kind of control over drinking that allows it to be fun in a social setting without getting out of hand."

But things took a turn for the worse when Mike got a little sick to his stomach...

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Mike: "It's like watching myself grow up on screen. I overcame one of the biggest fears of my life and I'm glad my friends were there to help me through it. When I watch the video, my mind flashes back to that night and I get butterflies in my stomach. Butterflies that are still vomiting."

...and Maggie got a little emotional.

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Maggie: "I found it more funny than sad, but it also felt a little distant, like I was looking at a different, unfamiliar version of me... Since I'm so anxious about what I say and do most of the time, being drunk felt very cathartic, in that all these bottled-up thoughts and emotions just came up, and since I had no control over anything, it felt OK to just share it."

Mike said it right: "A wise man named T.S. Eliot once said, 'Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.' I think we went too far and now we have a better understanding of our limits."