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    These People Were Pranked Into Playing With A Tarantula And It Was Hilarious

    "You know I don't fuck with spiders!"

    There’s nothing better than playing with a little fuzzy-wuzzy animal, right? So we decided to see just how cute our co-workers thought a tiny little fuzzy-wuzzy...tarantula was! Yes, it was a little evil, but the reactions were worth it:

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    In order to accomplish our mission, we had to make it seem like they weren't going to meet an eight-eyed, four-legged, hairy-ass spider.

    We sent out a very vague email, and everyone was totally down… ​*evil laugh*​ 😈

    Even though they had no idea what they were getting themselves into, they seemed super excited.

    It was time to reveal the truth...

    ...and immediately they were not having it..., at all.

    Others didn't really mind being in the presence of a tarantula.

    We decided to turn things up a few notches by challenging them to be one with the tarantula and hold it.

    Some were still coping with the idea of being in the same room as it, so we took baby steps.

    Strong bonds were created...

    ...and emotions were high when they realized how beautiful the spider was.

    Of course, there were still some people who couldn't handle the pressure.

    And even though some of our co-workers were not feeling this little prank we did, others did, and that counts for something.