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    Shaun White Surprised These Kids At Their Snowboarding Class And It Was Truly Adorable

    "Wow, you're my idol!"

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    It's not every day that professional snowboarder Shaun White decides to drop by your snowboarding class.


    But that's exactly what happened to these kids taking a snowboarding lesson at Mammoth Mountain:

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    I mean, look at this adorable reaction!


    We feel you, kid.

    Their parents were pleased to have a legendary snowboarder as their kids' instructor as well.


    There were definitely some fun moments on the snow...


    You go guys!

    ...and not-so-fun ones.


    But Shaun was right there to pick them back up. What a great guy!

    But by the end of the lesson, one of them even pledged to always keep snowboarding.


    The kids loved it! And we love Shaun.


    The Winter Olympic Games begin February 2018 in PyeongChang, South Korea.

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