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Mothers And Daughters Picked Tattoos For Each Other And It Was So Freakin' Cute

"I think she picked something really sweet."

We somehow convinced moms and daughters to choose tattoos for each other, and this is what happened:

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First we had Maycie and her mama, Angie. Their nervous excitement was beyond adorable.

Candace and her mom, Teresa, also got in on the action. They were hoping this big trust exercise would really pay off long-term.

Maycie and Angie both got sentimental with their tattoo ideas! Angie explained that when Maycie was little she would always send her off to school with a big ol' lipstick kiss mark on her cheek. Maycie told us that she and her mom always used to belt out “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” together in the car.

Teresa and Candace were also incredibly thoughtful! Teresa knows Candace is a "big worrier" so she wanted to permanently remind her to "be present." Candace wanted her mom to have "Goodnight, sweet dreams, I love you," written in her grandma's handwriting because that phrase has been passed down through her family and they say it every night.

Once they had explained the meaning behind their tattoos for each other, it was time to get inked!

There was a lot of pain!

And hand squeezing!

But after they made it through the pain, it was time for the big reveal.

Maycie liked hers a lot.

And Angie was moved to tears.

Teresa was so thankful.

And Candace pointed out that now both she and her mom have tattoos that incorporate their own mother's handwriting!

At the end of the day, there is no love like the love between a parent and their kid!