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    16 People From TV That Only Brits Over The Age Of 26 Will Recognise

    This really was the golden age of television.

    1. Terrence Hardiman, who was famous for giving children across the country nightmares for his role as The Demon Headmaster.


    Whatever you do, do not look directly into this man's eyes! Like some sort of modern day Medusa he would roam the halls of a secondary school, hell-bent on brainwashing children into doing his dastardly deeds by getting them to look into his eyes. If this man still does not strike fear into your heart you are braver soul than I!

    2. Home decorating superstar Linda Barker.

    Johnny Green - Pa Images / Getty Images

    Linda Barker is most well known for being one of the designers on British TV family favourite Changing Rooms. Barker's flair for transforming peoples houses from drab to something out of a GSCE fine art student's sketchbook, in room-form made her a firm favourite on the box during the '90s and early '00s.

    3. The gunge master himself, Dave Benson Phillips.


    If there was one gameshow that really defined a generation of children, it has to be Get Your Own Back, hosted by Dave Benson Phillips. Got an uncle that always farts at the dinner table? Does your teacher have bad breath? Is your milkman a real pain in the arse? If these problems sound familiar and you were a child of the '90s, Dave would be on hand to help you publicly humiliate these annoying grown-ups by submerging them in a pool of multi-coloured gunge.

    4. Michael Van Wijk, better known as Wolf from hit game show Gladiators.

    Mirrorpix / Getty Images

    Probably one of the most iconic bad-boys of the '90s. Wielding what looked like a giant earbud and with a mouth almost as dirty as his tactics, Wolf was certainly not one to mess with!

    5. The unlikely Celebrity Big Brother winner Chantelle Houghton.

    Yui Mok - Pa Images / Getty Images

    Chantelle captured the hearts of the nation with her extremely down-to-earth personality and terrible acting and singing skills as she was thrust into the Celebrity Big Brother house in 2006 where she had to pretend to be the lead singer of a famous girl group amongst a group if actual celebs.

    6. Georgina Sherrington, the not-so magical star of CBBC show, The Worst Witch.


    Georgina Sherrington who played Mildred Hubble in the show, was the ever relatable student who just couldn't get anything right. She bumbled her way through her magical lessons getting in all sorts of scrapes, and somehow remained a student, even though she managed to blow up the potions class on a weekly basis.

    7. No, he's not technically a person but who could forget Wellard the dog?


    Wellard was a star on Eastenders for 14 years! Owned by Robbie Jackson, Albert Square's most well known furry resident was even voted "Best Pet" at the 2008 Digital Spy Soap Awards. Although Wellard might be considered one of Albert Square's best boys, the dog was in fact always played by female dogs!

    8. Brian Capron, AKA Richard Hillman. Coronation Street's most dangerous man.


    Brian Capron, for those who don't know, starred on Coronation Street as the show's main antagonist between 2001 and 2003. Capron's character Richard married long time resident of the street Gail Platt, but it also turned out he was homicidal maniac with a lust for blood. The character met his demise in a terrifying chase that ended with his car crashing into a canal with the entire Platt family. Everyone survived except Richard.

    9. The boy who could stop time, David Peachey, famous for playing Bernard in Bernard's Watch.


    As super powers go, Bernard's ability to stop time at the push of a button is pretty darn good. Instead of, I dunno, robbing a bank or grabbing the latest PlayStation game, Bernard would play in a football match at the same time he watched his mate play tennis. Bernard taught us that with great power comes great responsibility and his willingness to help people made him a pretty good childhood role model imo.

    10. Trudie Goodwin, who played Sergeant June Ackland in the hit cop show, The Bill.


    If there was one woman you would want at your side when faced with a gang of masked robbers it was June! With nerves of steel, no-nonsense attitude and willingness to get the job done, she was one tough cookie and a mighty fine copper.

    11. Jack Ryder who played the teen heart-throb Jamie Mitchell in Eastenders.

    Dave Hogan / Getty Images

    Not only did he date the one and only Sonia Jackson, he was also related to Albert Square's toughest resident, Phill Mitchell. Jamie's on and off relationship came to a head when Sonia fell pregnant with what Jamie thought was his own child, only to find out his best mate Martin Fowler, was the dad!

    12. Mike Bailey who played Sid in gritty teen drama Skins.

    Channel 4

    Sid, the bungling best friend of Tony, often got himself into scrapes, like losing copious amounts of his friend's weed and passing out and getting peed on by a dog. Throughout the show, Sid pined for Tony's on and off love interest Michelle, but after a period of time, he realised that Cassie was the one he loved all along.

    13. Another non-human on the list, Nev the bear.


    Nev the bear hosted the CBBC kids show Smile alongside Reggie Yates and DJ Devstar. This cheeky bear didn't say a great deal but would often play practical jokes on his co-hosts – he even had his own video game called Nev It Up that people would call in to play for a chance to win prizes.

    14. The quick-witted, curly haired presenter, Simon Amstel.

    David Westing / Getty Images

    Simon started his career on Channel 4's Popworld alongside fellow presenter Miquita Oliver. Simon's sarcastic tone and witty retorts made for excellent interviews– who could forget the time he took the piss out of The Ordinary's Preston so much, he stormed off the set of Never Mind The Buzzcocks.

    15. The man with seemingly all the knowledge, How 2's Fred Dinenage.


    If there is was one show guaranteed to teach you something that would wow all your friends in the playground the next day, it was How 2. Fred hosted the show alongside Carol Vorderman and Gareth Jones, and was comprised of experiments that you could do at home, which dare I say it, made science look pretty damn cool!

    16. Devon Anderson, the UK's funniest child entrepreneur who played Taj in CBBC's Kerching!


    Move over Alan Sugar, if there's one person who taught us about the hustle and how to make a little extra cash, it was Taj. Taj's dream was to make the big bucks, and alongside his friends would dream up wild ideas on how to make some cash quickly, only to fail spectacularly. We can't fault him for trying though!

    Thought of a British TV star from this golden era of television we've missed? Let us know in the comments!

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