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26 Design Fails That Are Unfortunate But Hilarious

Come on down to Anu's kitchen!

H/T to these brilliant Reddit threads: r/designfails and r/CrappyDesign.

1. These jeans that probably won't keep you warm in the colder months.

/u/chrzzl / Via

2. This alternative to showing your ticket.

/u/Mr4NAs / Via

3. This hoody with a very different message when the hood is up compared to when it's down.

/u/m_delacour / Via

4. This unfortunate zipper showing Pooh bear really getting that honey.

/u/mrq33 / Via

5. This restaurant name that will make you do a double take.

Possibly the most important apostrophe I've ever seen

6. This bathroom stall that will leave you feeling exposed.

/u/Shiawase__ / Via

7. This dress that doesn't leave much room to manoeuvre.

/u/Zussow15 / Via

8. This poster that's just a tad confusing.

/u/chica420 / Via

9. This coffee mug that will definitely make you feel sharp in the morning.

/u/CosmeBuzzanito / Via

10. This advert for a graduation photographer that's a little bit bleak.

u/box_cardinal_peanut / Via

11. And this doctor who isn't looking so well.

u/Germantoast33 / Via

12. This catering service that might need a rebrand.

u/OuiOuiBaguette420 / Via

13. This Christmas decoration that's a little bit saucy.

u/holyhelp / Via

14. This motivational quote that looks more like alphabet soup than a sentence.

u/VeryWeirdHumanBeing / Via

15. This Pikachu charger with an unfortunate port.

u/acdcbrg / Via

16. This beauty salon image that's just giving us more unrealistic body standards.

u/onez1e / Via

17. This very confusing bus stop poster.

u/Diamond_117 / Via

18. This very unfortunate placement.

u/pm_me_chonkyveggies / Via

19. This toilet roll holder that might make things a little risky.

/u/hereforyebeer / Via

20. This light that will probably keep your kids awake all night.

u/AlexKiri / Via

21. This shop that's having a very long week.

u/yumkiwi / Via

22. This badly placed name.

u/Kriss0509 / Via

23. This shoe you can poo in.

u/[deleted] / Via

24. These joggers that'll make you look like you've had a little accident.

u/custard84 / Via

25. This bad use of typography.

u/4xsi / Via

26. And this T-shirt that might have people looking at you twice.

u/NatalieSchmadalie / Via

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