23 Architecture Fails That Are Unfortunate But Hilarious


    H/T to these brilliant Reddit threads: r/CrappyDesign and r/CrappyDesign2.

    1. This Indiana Jones-esque doorway.

    2. This tiling nightmare.

    3. This door that you wouldn't want to come back to after a few beers.

    4. This booby trapped lock.

    5. This floating fridge.

    6. This door to nowhere.

    7. This dangerous exit.

    8. And this equally terrifying escape.

    9. This not so private toilet.

    10. These triggering tiles.

    11. This divided stairwell.

    12. And this rollercoaster ramp.

    13. This off-centred door.

    14. And this wall that just isn't quite right.

    15. This handrail that doubles up as a lock.

    16. These urinals that are mighty close.

    17. This security gate that...isn't so secure.

    18. These not so private toilets.

    19. This floating door.

    20. This uncomfortable bed.

    21. This incredibly lazy tiling.

    22. This pointless security gate.

    23. And finally these urinals that make a spectacle out of peeing.