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    23 Architecture Fails That Are Unfortunate But Hilarious


    H/T to these brilliant Reddit threads: r/CrappyDesign and r/CrappyDesign2.

    1. This Indiana Jones-esque doorway.

    SimonNelson22 / Via

    2. This tiling nightmare.

    TitanShifter02 / Via

    3. This door that you wouldn't want to come back to after a few beers.

    wattaahh / Via

    4. This booby trapped lock.

    LuigiLover101 / Via

    5. This floating fridge.

    jwayyedh / Via

    6. This door to nowhere.

    Lebeis / Via

    7. This dangerous exit.

    reallyintresting / Via

    8. And this equally terrifying escape.

    fial4563 / Via

    9. This not so private toilet.

    FacesOfMu / Via

    10. These triggering tiles.

    mildlyinfuriating / Via

    11. This divided stairwell.

    worlockthewise / Via

    12. And this rollercoaster ramp.

    PrinceK15 / Via

    13. This off-centred door.

    Lil_ZcrazyG / Via

    14. And this wall that just isn't quite right.

    vadim_vaper / Via

    15. This handrail that doubles up as a lock.

    puddludd / Via

    16. These urinals that are mighty close.

    a_venus_flytrap / Via

    17. This security gate that...isn't so secure.

    medelditector123 / Via

    18. These not so private toilets.

    AlexTheLyonn / Via

    19. This floating door.

    scrubtitan2 / Via

    20. This uncomfortable bed.

    TheXanderp / Via

    21. This incredibly lazy tiling. / Via Melisaenn

    22. This pointless security gate.

    richh00 / Via

    23. And finally these urinals that make a spectacle out of peeing.

    Zunnen / Via

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