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    18 Abandoned Places In Europe That Are Incredibly Cool But A Little Creepy

    Who wants to team up and buy an abandoned fort?

    1. The abandoned Communist party headquarters in Bulgaria which resembles a UFO.

    Brutalist circular shaped large building, with graffiti, and steps leading up to it
    Barcroft Media / Getty Images

    Named Buzludzha, this was the former home of Bulgaria's communist party and was built in 1981 costing $35 million dollars in today's money! The building was abandoned less than a decade later in 1989 after the fall of the communist party and is now left to the elements.

    2. This beautiful and chilling bath house in Romania.

    Romanian bath house and spa with detailed  colourful tiles, ornate details
    DANIEL MIHAILESCU/AFP / Via Getty Images

    3. This ominous fort in Russia.

    Russian sea fort in the middle of the water, run down and disused
    Eugene03 / Getty Images

    4. This magnificent old swimming pool in Germany.

    Empty pool in a long gymnasium with high ceilings, broken tiles, and graffiti
    Patrick Pleul/picture alliance / Via Getty Images

    5. This imposing old lighthouse in Russia.

    old abandoned lighthouse in the middle of the sea on a rock, birds flying around it
    Sergei Krasnoukhov / Sergei Krasnoukhov/TASS

    6. This haunting football stadium in the Czech Republic.

    Old empty football stadium in the Czech Republic, empty seats
    Stephen Pond/EMPICS / / Via Getty Images

    7. This breathtaking abandoned casino in Romania.

    Abandoned seaside casino located in Romania, beautiful art-deco building in white stone with large glass windows
    Getty Images

    The Constanta Casino opened in 1910 and was eventually converted into a restaurant after World War II due to Romania's strict restrictions on gambling during the countries communist regime. The building was handed over to the Romanian tourism board in 1960 but has sadly been abandoned since 1990.

    8. This decadent mineral bath in Bulgaria.

    Decadent bath house that had been abandoned, bright turquoise tiles, round wall and red floor tiles
    Barcroft Media / Getty Images

    9. This old fort still standing strong in Wales.

    aerial view of fort in the middle of the sea in Wales, greenery on top of fort
    Getty Images

    10. This haunting gothic castle in Belgium.

    Gothic castle surrounded by trees with large central tower
    Tom Blackwell / Flickr Vision

    11. This spooky looking railway station in Bulgaria.

    Old train station with decaying blue and green walls, paint chipping
    Nurphoto / Getty Images

    12. This disheveled Palace in England.

    aerial view of mansion with scaffolding
    Chris Gorman / Getty Images

    Hamilton Palace located in Sussex England is a huge mansion, larger than Buckingham Palace! Development on the building was started in 1985 but has still not been completed. The mansion was designed for controversial multi-millionaire Nicholas van Hoogstraten but has never been lived in. It is nicknamed the 'Devils Palace'.

    13. This chilling disused railway station in Spain.

    Old train station with high ceilings in Spain
    Pablo Cuadra / Getty Images

    14. This beautiful if not a little creepy chateau in France.

    Old chateau fell into disrepair in France
    Catherine Panchout - Corbis / Getty Images

    15. This space-age looking listening station in Germany.

    spherical white structure with graffiti and exposed base in a doorway
    Athanasios Gioumpasis / Getty Images

    Teufelsberg listening station located just outside of Berlin was built in 1963 by US intelligence to intercept Soviet radio communications. The station was in operation until 1989 when the fall of the Berlin wall happened. It is now a popular tourist attraction.

    16. This unused greenhouse in Poland that is giving me zombie apocalypse vibes.

    old greenhouse with dead plants and rusted beams
    Szymon Kaluzny / Getty Images

    17. This haunting old cinema in Georgia.

    old theatre with ripped screen and decaying walls, empty seats
    Barcroft Media / Getty Images

    18. And finally, this village of castles in Turkey.

    village of castles all identical with light grey bases and dark grey roof's in the base of a valley
    Getty Images

    Burj Al Babas was the concept of development company the Sarot Group who in 2014 decided to create a luxury village to entice the worlds richest buyers. After lack of interest from investors the development company struggled financially, eventually going bankrupt in 2018 turning the village into a ghost town. The village cost approximately £151m to build and of the 732 planned buildings, 587 were completed.

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