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Tell Us About An Awkward Movie Scene You Watched With Your Parents That You Wish You Hadn't

Watching two people go at it whilst sat next to your mum can make things a little uncomfortable.

Sitting down to watch a movie with your parents can be a wonderfully wholesome family activity.

But sometimes there will be a scene that throws an *extremely awkward* curveball, turning your family fun time into an embarrassing nightmare.

So what we want to know is: what movie scenes did you watch with your parents that you really wish you hadn't?

Maybe it was an extremely raunchy moment that came out of nowhere?

Or did you find something incredibly funny that completely flew over their heads?

It could be a scene that you really related to, that they just didn't get.

Whatever movie scene it is, we want to know your awkward moment and why it was uncomfortable! Tell us in the comments below and you might be featured in a BuzzFeed post or video!