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    15 Tweets About Renting That Made Me Laugh And Then Want To Cry

    "My landlord is obsessed w rent that was due literally weeks ago ? Move on babe"


    TFW your landlord says you can't drill into the walls


    Welcome to renting in London! My landlord has just put our thermostat in a cage.


    If you’re renting, and your landlord has a no pets policy, you can keep bats as long as you pretend to be mad about it.


    To sum up London renting: my entire kitchen has flooded and my landlord just sent me a YouTube tutorial on how to fix it


    landlords really want us paying full price for February. FEBRUARY. Lmao grow up.


    Tenants: So I pay ££ and I get to live here? Landlord: you can exist in the space. Do not interact with or interrupt the space. There must be no signs of ‘living’. The house is your god now and you must serve it. I am also your god now. Please, have some mould. I was never here.


    My landlord is obsessed w rent that was due literally weeks ago ? Move on babe


    just read a client's contract for them and the landlord has written a clause that bans "spices and oils" in all cooking. imagine thinking you had the right to ban flavour from someone's life


    I'm beginning to think my landlord has a different relationship with the rent payment than I do


    if i was a landlord i would make rent free as long as my tenants played a game of kickball with me once a week


    Becoming the Landlord of my own Body by refusing to fix anything wrong with it


    you say all landlords are bastards - when the hinge on my street level, city centre bedroom window broke, the window was open all the time. meanwhile, night temperatures fell to just above freezing. my landlord recognised the urgency of this, and had it fixed in just 6 weeks


    told by my landlord not to have baths as it has been leaking and the floor could collapse at any moment but hey we should all aspire to die doing something we love


    rent being due? this month of all months?? read the room glen (my landlord)


    Exchange I'm currently having with my landlord.