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    31 British Tweets That Made Us Laugh, Because Let's Face It – We Really Need A Laugh

    "Jennifer Lopez is the same age as Jacob Rees-Mogg."

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    i’ve never missed in person meetings more than i did watching this parish council meeting descend into chaos

    Twitter: @janinemas0n


    When the TV license people knock on the door. #DragRaceUK

    Twitter: @dragraceukbbc


    I've added Wuthering Heights to this video of a panda sliding around in the snow so I can watch it every morning when I wake up and have an instant morale boost.

    Twitter: @ChrisArnoldInc


    Win, lose or draw, Carlisle United award their Man of the Match with a takeaway curry after the game. Joe Riley’s face when he received a Korma after their 2-1 defeat last night has done me. Incredible

    Twitter: @jackkenmare_


    If Wonderwall was released in the 80s 🎶 Full version anyone?

    Twitter: @decobanduk


    Jennifer Lopez is the same age as Jacob Rees-Mogg.

    Twitter: @BenKentish


    Hello to this NHS legend. Every hallway is a runway

    Twitter: @joeefoster


    i don't want to have my stupid little cereal again, I want a £520 cup of scrambled egg from Leon

    Twitter: @SophLouiseHall


    The best headline that you’ll read today.

    Twitter: @JoshuaLSpeers


    Twitter: @joehsimpson


    Twitter: @christiancalgie


    God I miss this level of peer pressure

    Twitter: @jackremmington


    Couples in Clapham: Oh no, a person is walking towards us. But if we walk in single file for eight seconds, the world will think our deep love during a global pandemic is lesser! We must simply force them into the road The general public: [perishes under a car]

    Twitter: @DawnHFoster


    Do you ever think about the fact that Rita Ora's name is Rita

    Twitter: @bet_binch


    James Corden acts gay for two hours and gets a Golden Globe nomination, I act straight for 23 years and all I get is trauma

    Twitter: @imjustinrandall


    if british sitcoms were set during the pandemic

    Twitter: @chiwithaC


    I see ‘congratulations Kate’ is trending in the UK and I just want to say yes it is very impressive that I woke up before midday today thank you all for your support

    Twitter: @guacamole_queen


    I genuinely laughed out loud #EastEnders

    Twitter: @amyvangar


    Bucky for short x

    Twitter: @hansmollman


    Remembering the 80s, when they tried to sell Weetabix by making it look like it was going to fuck you up outside a flat roofed pub

    Twitter: @robpalkwriter


    Prince William when Kate suggests having his brother and sister-in-law over for dinner

    Twitter: @guypewsey


    TWEENIES BY POLITICAL PARTY - A THREAD: Milo: Labour Working-class hero Milo stays true to his Labour roots, though he's none-too-impressed with Starmer's leadership thus far.

    Twitter: @garageflowrr


    throwback to when I accidentally took the wrong container from the fridge and brought a tub of raw broccoli up Snowdon

    Twitter: @sophie_gadd


    me during me straight my meeting: after:

    Twitter: @katierpacker


    what your email signature says about you

    Twitter: @AniaMags


    Christopher Nolan directing Michael Caine to say "Never!" in Batman Begins

    Twitter: @thisstuartlaws


    me at my big age this weekend tuning in to CBBC to watch tracy cuss out justine

    Twitter: @skinnylilbih


    thinking about when I was BANNED from watching Tracy Beaker when I was about 10/11 years old because I was getting an “attitude” and telling me mum to bog off 😭😭😭💀💀😭😭

    Twitter: @PaigeHoward93


    His name is Ru?!?!? I've been calling him Ruth this whole time.

    Twitter: @TiaKofi


    Twitter: @MisterABK


    I’m sorry to hear that you think I have no authority here I actually am like obviously i’m gonna be upset about that innit yeah but Handforth PC Clerk you know the only thing is no one can force me to keep you on the call or anything yeah so I’m booting you off orite

    Twitter: @jackremmington

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