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    People Are Sharing Things That Are Socially Acceptable In The UK But Horrifying In America

    "Maths with an S!"

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community what things are socially acceptable In the UK that would horrify Americans? Here are some of the best responses:

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    1. "The debate about how to pronounce 'scone' is enough to break a family apart."


    2. "The fact children are legally allowed to drink in the UK from five years old if it’s on private property. A lot of 13-17 year olds have house parties where they get wasted, and although it's not recommended, it's perfectly legal."


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    3. "Using the word 'stroke' instead of 'pet', e.g. "Once you start stroking my dog, he won't let you stop." The word 'stroke' for Americans has different connotations.


    4. "Public drinking – We’ll drink in parks, on the street, wherever, and no one really cares."


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    5. "Taking up to a years paid maternity leave."


    6. "That we pack our own shopping at the supermarket 😅."



    7. "Meat pies with alternative fillings to chicken. I don't know how to explain how badly you folks are missing out when you say 'they're a bit weird.'"


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    8. "That we don’t pledge allegiance to the flag in school, and generally don't have British flags everywhere."


    9. "The lack of TV adverts compared to America. There are no adverts on BBC and very few ad breaks on other channels. In America it feels like there is one every five minutes."


    10. "That baked beans are the most versatile food in British cuisine – You can have them as a side dish with almost anything: on toast, baked potatoes, on their own, with eggs, on chips with cheese, and even with pasta!"



    11. “'Alright?' is a standard greeting and is generally a rhetorical question. The most common response is to repeat it back to the person you're talking to."


    12. "We’d horrify them with our barbecuing. They have insane BBQ's with a huge array of foods, whilst we have a disposable bit of nonsense with a couple of cheap sausages and burgers."


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    13. "Calling your best mates or family a c*nt as a term of endearment 😂."


    14. "Having eight pints in the airport Wetherspoons at 6am. I want no part in a culture that doesn't deem this acceptable."



    15. "I have an American friend who is confused and horrified by fish finger sandwiches."


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    16. "Liberal Children's TV. CBBC were depicting same sex couples and running documentaries about transgender children even before the bigger BBC channels were. There were no real controversies about it either, as a parent I was delighted. I can't imagine it happening in conservative America."


    17. "Public rights of way. There are walking paths all over the country that cross through private property but the public has a right to walk there. I don’t think that would be popular in the US!"


    18. "I saw an American rage tweeting over the fact we don’t have air conditioning in our homes."



    19. "Asking someone in class for a rubber. In the UK a rubber means eraser, but in the US a rubber means condom."


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    20. "Having washing machines in our kitchens. Apparently in the US they have a whole other room for that. Only posh people have a separate room for them in the UK."


    21. "I used to work in a cafe and Americans seemed to be frequently horrified that they couldn't get a free refill on their drink, and that there wasn't a drinking fountain."


    22. "Maths with an S!"


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    23. "We can get condoms, abortions, and STI testing for free at any age – UK schools don't legally have to teach sex education but generally they do."


    24. "Eating black and white pudding – The look on an American's face as I tuck in is priceless. I managed to persuade a friend to try a bit when I was visiting the States, it's over three years ago and they still talk about how they can’t get the taste out of their mind 😂."


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    25. "Having carpets in bathrooms – My last three houses had them. I can see why it might seem unhygienic but there's nothing like a warm carpet when you get out of the shower."


    26. "Referring to cigarettes as 'fags'. It took several incidents of me saying things like 'I need to go pick up some fags' and 'Just gonna go smoke a fag' before I realised the word meant something quite different in the US."



    27. "In some public restrooms across the UK, you have to pay to use the toilet."


    Note: Some entries were edited for length and/or clarity.

    Have missed anything that's socially acceptable in the UK but not in the US? Let us know in the comments below!

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