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    People Are Sharing The Biggest Scandals That Happened At Their School And They Are Both Hilarious And Shocking

    "Our deputy headmistress hiring a hit man to kill her lover’s wife."

    The other day Twitter user @fluffernutter99 took to Twitter to ask people what was the "~big scandal~" at school and the results range from hilarious to down right outrageous! Here are some of the best replies:


    @fluffernutter99 Sports teacher burst into classroom & “shot” maths teacher, shouting “you slept with my wife” Kids (age 11) go apeshit. Both teachers then went to front of class & bowed. Sports teacher held up the starting gun, laughing. Annual initiation for 1st yrs apparently. This was ‘82.


    @fluffernutter99 6th formers responsible for staff room tea urn at morning break, laced it with laxatives, but not before they'd stretched cling film across all the toilet bowls. Made the national news and sadly they all got expelled.


    In my sisters year someone used a Ouija board and it got out prompting someone to go to a teacher saying they saw the devil in one of the mirrors. But then the priests found out and it all spiralled with all the mirrors in the school being removed & everyone getting blessed


    Has to be the red sauce scandal. Red sauce sachets were free until one week they began charging us like 5p or 10p for them. Entire school protesting the charge by lying down in the yard.


    There was a garda appeal on Facebook for a girl from my school who had run away a few times and she replied to it saying fuck off im grand


    someone burnt down the staff room while they were high on yokes and destroyed all the graded mock papers


    Loads, but the funniest was some kid selling chlorine tablets in the school toilets as "viagra", and there having to be a whole school assembly where the staff implored kids to tell them if they'd ingested any because they'd have to go to hospital immediately.


    Our deputy headmistress hiring a hit man to kill her lover’s wife.


    Almost certain someone did the classic poo in the staff room kettle and turn it on but if not then about 200 of us tried to batter pudsey the bear when he landed in a helicopter on our school field and I have never experienced mob mentality quite like that moment


    someone thought they found a bag of cocaine hidden in the toilets but it was just baking powder someone put in there as a joke, shades called and all


    I could write a book about the deis antics but the vice principal having to get a ladder to take a dildo off the ceiling was one of the highlights


    There were deffo lots but someone kept writing a "cursed" sign in "period blood" on the different bathroom stalls hahhaa yup Westmeath


    Some lad went around taking a poo in the weirdest places such as in a sink, a schoolbag, a lunchbox, plastic bags, cubicals, toilet paper holder or smeared on the walls. He became known as “The Phantom Shitter” and his reign of terror lasted around two months


    the three D&T teachers were a throuple and an anonymous year 7 kid caught them shagging over the laser cutters


    English teacher had affair with a maths teacher. His wife kicked him out and he was secretly living in the school. Was found out because he was using the Home Ec washing machines for laundry and unknowingly left a pair of his pants in one


    School chaplain (also the priest that baptised me) being exposed for having affairs with two married women at once when one found out about the other one and went to the Sunday Mail.


    In year 7 we got put on lockdown cause there was apparently a school shooter at my school, turns out it’s was just a candy dispenser not a gun😂😂


    someone stole a goat and put it on the astroturf and all 6th years got suspended lmfaooo


    A girl in my school found an almost dead pigeon on her way to school, she carried it around in her school bag(?) for the day, until the vice principal confiscated it during lunch


    They sent an undercover cop who looked like a teenager to infiltrate the stoner contingent, and she hung out for a semester & then busted everybody who was over 18


    @fluffernutter99 The headmaster running off with the headgirl. Who was in the same year as his sons. And then became their stepmother...