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    13 Intriguing Facts About The Royal Family That Show Just How Different From Regular Folk They Are

    There's a secret documentary about the family, but you need the Queen's permission to see it.

    1. The Queen's handbag isn't just a fashion accessory, she also uses it to send secret messages to her staff.

    Max Mumby / Getty Images

    The Queen is obviously a busy woman, and sometimes she needs to be able to signal to one of her many aides that she needs to GTFO. One way she does this is simply by shifting her purse from one arm to the other. Queen Liz usually carries her purse using her left arm, but when she switches the purse over to her right, she is subtly signalling that she would like someone to come and interrupt the convo so she can move on to the next person.

    2. Royal boys must always wear shorts.

    Pool / WireImage

    If you cycle through pictures of the royal boys through the years, you will probably notice that they are always seen wearing shorts. This is traditional amongst the upper classes and although the Royal Family are becoming more modern, this is one tradition that is still upheld to this day.

    3. The Queen always travels with her own personal kettle.

    Tim Graham / Getty Images

    Like many Brits, the Queen cannot leave the country without access to a good old homemade cuppa. Wherever she travels she takes her very own monogrammed travel kettle and Earl Grey tea, which she takes without any milk or sugar!

    4. When travelling, the Royals must always take at least one black outfit with them, incase a member of the Royal family dies.

    Pa Images / Getty Images

    The reason for this is quite sad, but also shows that the Royals have to always be ready for any occasion no matter what. Above, the Queen is pictured wearing all black as she arrives back in England after the news of her father, George VI's death. At the time she arrived without suitable clothing, and had to wait on the plane whilst the appropriate attire was delivered to her. Ever since this day, a black outfit is always packed on every royal trip.

    5. The Queen owns all the dolphins and whales in Britain.

    Wpa Pool / Getty Images

    It's quite well known that The Queen owns all the swans in Great Britain, but a slightly lesser known fact is that she also owns all the whales and dolphins in the surrounding waters. They are recognised as the 'Fishes Royal'.

    6. According to Princess Diana's former butler, Prince Charles has someone iron his shoelaces.

    Jean-pierre Amet / Getty Images

    I guess when you are the Prince this is the kind of shenanigans you can get away with! Other slightly elaborate requests include having his pyjamas pressed every morning and the bath plug having to be in a specific position. Talk about high maintenance!

    7. A bagpipe player stands under the Queen's window every morning to wake her up.

    Pa Images / Getty Images

    The piper plays for 15 minutes every morning at 9am to awake the Queen from her slumber. This is a tradition that spans all the way back to 1843! I guess it beats that awful iPhone alarm tone...

    8. The Royals are reportedly not allowed to eat seafood.

    Chris Jackson / Getty Images

    This is enforced especially whilst on royal tours to lower the risk of food poisoning whilst out and about. We can't have our Queen doing a meet and greet with a dicky tummy!

    9. The Queen has someone who breaks in her new shoes.

    Max Mumby / Getty Images

    The Queen's personal dressmaker always breaks in new shoes for the Queen so she doesn't have to suffer any discomfort when rocking a fresh pair of creps.

    10. The Queen always travels with a couple of bags of her own blood, just in case.

    Pool / Getty Images

    Yep you read that right, the Queen is never without an available supply of her own blood in the event of her requiring a blood transfusion whilst travelling. She really is prepared for anything!

    11. The Queen does not possess a passport and does not need one to travel abroad.

    Max Mumby / Getty Images

    Because the Queen issues British passports, she herself doesn't need to carry one whilst travelling. This isn't the case for the rest of the Royal Family, they all have their own passports for travelling with.

    12. And the same goes for needing a drivers licence.

    Max Mumby / Getty Images

    The Queen is the only person in the UK who can legally get behind the wheel without passing her test, she doesn't even need number plates!

    13. There was an up close and personal documentary made about the Royals, which showed their everyday lives at Buckingham Palace.

    Hulton Archive / Getty Images

    The documentary which was aired in 1969, was an attempt at bringing the Royals back into popular favour at a time where British people were questioning their worth – but it ended up doing the opposite. People stated that it ruined the mystique surrounding them, showing them as ordinary people doing normal tasks such as frying sausages. The documentary was so badly received that the Queen recalled the film to the royal archives, meaning it can only be see with her permission.